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January At the beginning of 1860 the regiment was under the command of Colonel Thomas L. Fauntleroy. Most of the regiment was on the Pacific Coast, with Headquarters and Companies D and G in New Mexico.
April Companies D and G – Evacuation of Forts Breckenridge and Buchanan
May 13 After Virginia seceded from the Union Colonel Fauntleroy resigned his commission and returned east. Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin L. Beall was promoted to colonel and assumed command of the regiment.

Colonel Fauntleroy was appointed to the rank of Brigadier General in the Provisional Virginia Army. But when Virginia’s army was transferred to the Confederacy he refused to confirm his commission and in August asked to be retired, never holding Confederate rank or taking part in the war.

May 22 Captain H.H. Sibley of the 2nd United States Dragoons was appointed Major of the 1st United States Dragoons
August 3 The 1st Regiment of Dragoons was redesignated the 1st Cavalry Regimentwith the original 1st Cavalry redesignated as the 4th Cavalry.