July Stationed at Fortress Monroe, Va. Attached to District Fortress Monroe, Va., Dept. of Virginia
March 8 Action at Newport News, Va., between USS Monitor and CSS Virginia
March-July Duty at Fortress Monroe
July Duty at Suffolk, Va. attached to Division at Suffolk, Va., 7th Army Corps, Dept. of Virginia
December 1-3 Expedition from Suffolk
December 2 Franklin on the Blackwater
January 8-10 Expedition toward the Blackwater
April 11-May 4 Siege of Suffolk. Attached to Artillery, 7th Army Corps
May 3 Providence Church Road
May Duty at Portsmouth, Va.
June Attached to Artillery, 1st Division; 7th Army Corps
July 25-August 3 Expedition from Portsmouth to Jackson, N. C. Attached to U.S. Forces, Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va., Dept. of Virginia and North Carolina
December Moved to Yorktown, Va. and duty there attached to U. S. Forces, Yorktown, Va., Dept. Virginia and North Carolina
February 6-8 Wistar’s Expedition from Yorktown against Richmond
March 9-12 Expedition into King and Queen County
April Attached to Artillery, 1st Division, 18th Army Corps, Army of the James
May 4-28 Butler’s operations on south side of James River and against Petersburg and Richmond
May 6 Port Walthal
May 9 Swift Creek
May 12-16 Operations against Fort Darling
May 14-16 Battle of Drury’s Bluff
May 28-31 Movement to Cold Harbor
June 1-12
Battles about Cold Harbor
June 6-7 Chester Station
June 15 First Assault on Petersburg
June 16 – April 2 Siege operations against Petersburg and Richmond. Attached to Artillery Brigade, 18th Army Corps
December Attached to Artillery Brigade, 24th Army Corps
March 28-April 9 Appomattox Campaign
April 2-3 Fall of Petersburg and Richmond
April Duty in the Dept. of Virginia until August