June 20 Company A organized organized at Waterford, Va., and Point of Rocks, Md. Attached to Point of Rocks, Md., Middle Department.
July Duty at and about Point of Rocks and guarding fords of the Potomac River from Monocacy River to Brunswick. Attached to Railroad District, Middle Department, 8th Army Corps
August 27 Action at Upperville
September 1 Hillsboro
September 2 Leesburg
September 4 Edward’s Ferry
September 12-14 Siege of Harper’s Ferry
September 15 Capture of Longstreet’s ammunition train at Sharpsburg, Md.
September 16-17
Battle of Antietam
September Duty at Point of Rocks, Md. attached to Railroad District, Dept. of West Virginia
January Attached to Point of Rocks, Md., 8th Corps, Middle Department
February 1 Moved to Brunswick
March 1 To Bolivar Heights.
April To Berryville. Scouting in the Shenandoah Valley
May Attached to 3rd Separate Brigade, 8th Corps
June 18 Moved to Harper’s Ferry, then to Frederick, Md. and attached to Lockwood’s Command, 8th Corps
July Attached to 3rd Separate Brigade, 8th Corps. Duty at Harpers Ferry scouting and keeping open communications between Washington, D. C, and Baltimore, Md., during Gettysburg (Pa.) Campaign.
July 15 – September 12 At Dripping Springs, near Point of Rocks
August Attached to 2nd Brigade, Maryland Heights Division, Dept. of West Virginia
September 12-16 Scout into Loudon County
September 14 Snickersville, Leesburg, Rector’s Cross Roads and Bloomfield
September 30 Neersville
October At Harper’s Ferry
October 18 Charlestown (Detachment)
October 26 Scout to Leesburg and skirmish at Big Springs
November At Brunswick
December Attached to 1st Division, Dept. of West Virginia
January At Point of Rocks
January 26 Company B organized
April Attached to Reserve Division, Dept. of West Virginia
May 16 Actions with Mosby at Big Springs and Hillsboro
May 17 Waterford
June 10 Near Wheatland
July 4 Mosby’s attack on Point of Rocks
July 7 Near Middletown and Solomon’s Gap
July 8 Frederick
July 9 Monocacy
August 21 Leesburg and Hamilton
September Duty in Military District of Harper’s Ferry
October 14 Adamstown
November 28 Leesburg
December 1 Paxton’s Store, Hillsboro
January Attached to 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, Dept. of West Virginia
March 20-25 Expedition into Loudon County, Va.
March 21 Purcellsville and Hamilton
April Attached to 2nd Division, Dept. of West Virginia
May 31 Mustered out at Bolivar, W. Va.