United States Army

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Commanded by Major General Philip H. Sheridan 
Sixth Army Corps Major General Horatio Wright
First Division Brigadier General Frank Wheaton
Second Division Brigadier General George W. Getty
Third Division Brigadier General Truman Seymour
Eighth Army Corps
(Army of West Virginia)
Brevet Major General George Crook
First Infantry Division Colonel Thomas M. Harris
Second Infantry Division Colonel Rutherford B. Hayes
Nineteenth Army Corps Brigadier General William H. Emory
First Division Brigadier General William Dwight
Second Division Brigadier General H. W. Birge (to 11/10)
Brigadier General Cuvier Grover
Kitching’s Provisional Division Colonel William Heine
First Division Lieutenant Colonel T. D. Hart
Second Division Lieutenant Colonel DePeyster Arden
Cavalry Corps Brigadier General Alfred T. A. Torbert 
First Cavalry Division Brigadier General Wesley Merritt (to 11/13)
Brigadier General Thomas E. Devin (to 11/28)
Brigadier General Wesley Merritt
Second Cavalry Division Colonel W.H. Powell (Army of West Virginia)
Third Cavalry Division Brigadier General George Custer