United States Army

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Commanded by Major General Lew Wallace

First Separate Brigade Brigadier General Erastus B. Tyler
1st Delaware Cavalry Regiment
1st Maryland Eastern Shore Regiment Colonel James Wallace to Dept WV Reserve Div.
12th Maryland Infantry Regiment to Dept WV Reserve Div.
195th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel William B. Thomas to Dept WV Reserve Div.
3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Co. H Captain William D. Rank from 3 Sep. Brig. (below)
Second Separate Brigade Brevet Brigadier General William W. Morris
5th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Defences Baltimore
2nd United States Artillery, Battys. H&K at Fort McHenry
Third Separate Brigade Brigadier General Henry H. Lockwood
11th Maryland Infantry Regiment mustered out 10/1
8th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
193rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel John B. Clark
194th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel James Nagle
Smith’s Maryland Cavalry Company Captain G.W.P. Smith
Fort Delaware
Ahl’s Delaware Heavy Artillery Co.
Pennsylvania Independent Battery A
Pennsylvania Independent Battery G Captain Stan. Miotkowski