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The 157th Regiment lost 7 officers and 87 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 2 officers and 104 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.

It is honored by two monuments and a marker at Gettysburg.

Organized at Hamilton, N.Y. under Colonel Philip P. Brown, Jr., Lieutenant Colonel George Arrowsmith and Major James C. Carmichael
September 19 Mustered in for three years service
September 25 Left State for Washington, D.C. Duty in the Defenses of Washington, D.C. attached to 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 11th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac
November 1-19 Movement to Centreville, Va.
December 8-17 Advance to Fredericksburg, Va.
December At Stafford Court House
January 20-24 “Mud March”
April 27-May 6 Chancellorsville Campaign
May 1-5
Battle of Chancellorsville

Lieutenant Major L. Hunt and 24 enlisted men were killed or mortally wounded, Lieutenants James Coffin, Charles Van Slyke and 51 enlisted men were wounded, and 1 officer and 18 enlisted men captured

June 11-July 24 Gettysburg Campaign
July 1-3
Battle of Gettysburg

The regiment was commanded by Colonel Brown and brought 431 men to the field.

Lieutenant Colonel Arrowsmith, Captains Jason Backus and Harrison Frank, Lieutenant Randall Lower and 25 enlisted men were killed; Captain George Adams, Adjutant Joseph Henery and 21 enlisted men were mortally wounded; Colonel Brown, Captains Leonard Briggs and E. Charlier, Lieutenants Clayton Atwater, Byron Fitch, Frank Gates, Nelson Smith and Henry Waters and 137 enlisted men were wounded; and Captains James Coffin, Frank Place and J. Riley Stone, Lieutenants Roswell Bourne, Judson Powers and Henry Curtice and 106 enlisted men were missing or captured.

From the monument:

Lost here 18 officers and 291 enlisted men, reducing reg’t to 100 for duty.

July 5-24 Pursuit of Lee. Attached to 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 11th Army Corps
July 23 Major Carmichael promoted to lieutenant colonel with rank from July 2
August 6-17 Movement to Morris Island, S.C. attached to 2nd Brigade, Gordon’s Division, Folly Island, S.C., 10th Army Corps, Dept. of the South
August 17-
September 7
Siege operations against Forts Wagner and Gregg, Morris Island, and against Fort Sumter and Charleston. One man was killed during the siege.
September 7 Capture of Forts Wagner and Gregg
September Picket and outpost duty on Folly Island, S.C., and operating against Charleston
February 6-14 Expedition to Johns and James Islands attached to 1st Brigade, Ames’ Division, District of Florida

The regiment lost 1 enlisted man killed and 7 wounded

February 23 Ordered to Jacksonville, Fla. and duty there
March Captain Frank Place paroled and returned to regiment
April Attached to District of Florida, Dept. of the South
June Moved to Hilton Head, S.C. attached to District of Hilton Head, S.C., Dept. of the South
June 2 Two men were wounded at Camp Finnegan
June 4 Captain Frank Place of Company C promoted to major
June 30-July 10 Expedition to Johns and James Islands
July 4-9
Operations against Battery Pringle

The regiment lost 1 officer and 1 enlisted man wounded and 1 man missing

July 9 Boudren’s Causeway
July Duty at Morris Island
August 12 Captain J. Riley Stone, captured at Gettysburg, died a prisoner of war at Macon, Georgia.
October Moved to Fort Pulaski, Ga. and duty there as garrison; attached to 3rd Separate Brigade, Dept. of the South
November Assigned to 1st Brigade, Coast Division, Dept. of the South
November 28-30 A detachment with Hatch’s Expedition up Broad River
November 30
Battle of Honey Hill (Detachment)

The regiment lost 5 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, and Captain Lafayette McWilliams, Lieutenants Jerome Forbes and Robert Grant and 23 enlisted men wounded

December 3 One man was wounded at Partridge Hill (Detachment)
December 6-9
Demonstration on Charleston & Savannah Railroad (Detachment)

The regiment lost 8 enlisted men wounded, one mortally

December 6
Deveaux’s Neck (Detachment)

The regiment lost 3 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 21 enlisted men wounded

December 9
Tullifinney Station (Detachment)

The regiment lost 3 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, 2 officers and 14 enlisted men wounded, and 1 man missing

January 14-16 Expedition to destroy Charleston & Savannah Railroad (Detachment)
January Duty at Morris Island (Detachment)
February Attached to 1st Separate Brigade, Northern District, Dept. of the South. Captain James Coffin was paroled and returned to the regiment.
March In District of Charleston attached to 1st Separate Brigade, District of Charleston, S.C., Dept. of the South. Lieutenant Judson L. Powers paroled and returned to regiment.
April Colonel Brown absent commanding 1st Brigade of the Provost Division, 11th Army Corps
April 5-25 Potter’s Expedition from Georgetown to Camden, S.C.
April 9
Dingle’s Mills

The regiment lost 5 enlisted men killed and 23 wounded.

April 9-15 Operations about Sumter and Statesburg. One enlisted man was killed.
April 17 Statesburg
April 18 Occupation of Camden, Boykin’s’ Mills
April 19 Denkin’s’ Mills and Beech Creek, near Statesburg
April-July Duty at Georgetown and Charleston, S.C.
June 12 Colonel Brown mustered out. Lt. Colonel Carmichael promoted to colonel and Major Place to lieutenant colonel and Captain Leonard Briggs of Company I promoted to major
July 10 Mustered out under Colonel James C. Carmichael, Lt. Colonel Frank Place and Major Leonard Briggs. Veterans and Recruits transferred to 54th New York Infantry.