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May-June The 8th Florida Infantry Regiment completed organization at Lake City, Florida under Colonel Richard F. Floyd, Lieutenant Colonel John M. Pons and Major W.I. Turner.
July Ordered to Virginia with 950 effectives
August 16 Lieutenant James M. Robinson deserted.
September Transferred with Pryor’s Brigade to Anderson’s Division of Longstreet’s Command.
September 17
Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam)

The regiment was under the temporary command of Lieutenant Colonel George A. Coppens of the 1st Louisiana Zouave Battalion as Colonel Floyd and Lieutenant Colonel Pons were absent due to illness and Major Turner having resigned.

Lieutenant Colonel Coppens was killed in the Cornfield in the opening fire. Captain Richard A. Waller of Company B took over command from Coppens and was also quickly killed, having taken the colors when the entire color party was killed or wounded. Lieutenants Anthony Armistead and Francis E. Warren were also wounded. Captain W. Baya took command of the regiment.

September 27 Lieutenant H. R. Hull died at Martinsburg
October 2 Colonel Floyd resigned due to severe illness. Captain David Lang of Company C was promoted to Colonel. Captain Thomas E. Clarke of Company E was promoted to major.
November Assigned with Perry’s Brigade to Anderson’s Division of Longstreet’s First Corps
November 11 Captain Burwell A. Bobo was cashierd for cowardice
December 13
Battle of Fredericksburg

The regiment lost 7 enlisted men killed, 37 wounded, and 44 missing. Colonel David Lang and Major Thomas E. Clarke were badly wounded in the head. Captains Hector Bruce, and Zacheus Shepard, Lieutenant Julian J. Acosta were also wounded. Assistant Surgeon DuPont Hooper died on duty. Captain Baya was wounded and captured. Captain Thomas R. Love took command of the regiment.

January 9 Captain William Baya of Company D was promoted to lieutenant colonel.
Battle of Chancellorsville

Lieutenant Colonel Baya commanded the regiment while Colonel Lang was in command of the brigade as senior colonel. The regiment suffered 11 enlisted men killed and Captain Benjamin F. Whitner, Lieutenant Thomas S. Armistead, and 28 enlisted men wounded. Lieutenant Armistead was also captured.

June Assigned to Perry’s Florida Brigade of Anderson’s Division in the newly created Third Corps.
Battle of Gettysburg

The 8th Florida Infantry Regiment brought 176 men to the field. Lieutenant Colonel Baya continued to command the regiment while Colonel Lang was in command of the brigade as senior colonel. It took part in Longstreet’s assault of July 2 and supported Pickett’s Charge of July 3. It .

The Eighth Florida lost 18 men killed, 83 enlisted men wounded and 11 men missing.

Captain Thomas R. Love was killed. Captains Hector Bruce, T. B. Livingston and J. C. Stewart, Lieutenants W. M. Barrineau, F. M. Bryant, E. P. Dismukes, Thomas W. Givens, I. M. Nelson, W. W. Wilson and John W. Malone were wounded. Captains Bruce, Livingston, and Stewart and Lieutenant Givens were wounded and captured. Captain Bruce escaped from Fort Delaware and returned to the regiment. Captain Stewart died in captivity on April 17, 1864.

The regimental colors were captured by Sergeant Thomas Horan of the 72nd New York infantry Regiment. They are now in the possession of the Museum of Florida History.

From the monument to Perry’s brigade at Gettysburg:

July 2. Formed line in forenoon in the eastern border of these woods. Advanced at 6 P. M. and assisted in forcing the Union line on the Emmitsburg Road and by rapid pursuit compelled the temporary abandonment of several guns. At the foot of the slope met fresh Union forces and the line on its right retiring it also fell back. The color bearer of the 8th Florida fell and its flag was lost.

July 3. Ordered to join Wilcox’s Brigade on its left and conform to its movements. Supported artillery until Longstreet’s column started and then advanced in aid of his assault. But dense smoke hiding his oblique course the Brigade moved directly forward. In the gap caused thereby a strong force struck its left flank capturing about half of the 2nd Florida and its colors.

July 4. In line here and at dark began the march to Hagerstown.

Present 700 Killed 33 Wounded 217 Missing 205 Total 455

October 13 – November 7
Bristoe Station

Lieutenant Colonel William Baya commanded the regiment and was wounded

May 5 – 7
Battle of the Wilderness

Colonel David Lang commanded the 8th Florida until he took over command of the brigde when Brigadier General Edward Perry was badly wounded. Lieutenant Colonel William Baya took command of the regiment.  Lieutenant W. M. Barrineau was killed.

May 8 – 21
Battle of Spotsylvania
May 24
Hanover Junction

Captain Frederick Worth was wounded

June 21-23
Battle of Weldon Railroad (Globe Tavern)

Lieutenant Colonel William Baya was again wounded.

June 1-8
Battle of Cold Harbor

With the 9th Florida, counterattacked Federals who had driven back Breckinridge’s Division and restored the line.

August Assigned to Finnegan’s Brigade of Mahone’s Division of the Third Corps.
April 2 With the death of A.P. Hill the Third Corps survivors reported to General Longstreet.
April 3 Left Petersburg in the early morning.
April 4 Crossed the Appomattox at Goode’s Bridge.
April 5 Arrived at Amelia Court House. Left for Farmville, marching all night.
Aprli 6 Arrived at Sayler’s Creek.
April 6
Sailor’s Creek

The Fifth, Eighth and Eleventh Florida were detached to guard a crossroad at Marshall’s Corner. Much of the regiment was captured, including Lieutenant Colonel William Baya. The colors were again captured, by Sergeant A. A. Clapp of the 2nd Ohio Cavalry. They are now in the possession of the Museum of Florida History.

April 9
Appomattox Court House

The 8th Florida Infantry Regiment surrendered 4 officers and 28 men