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June-July Organized at Richmond, Virginia under Colonel John T. Mercer, Lieutenant Colonel James J. Morrison and Major T.W. Hooper.
August Camped next to the 21st North Carolina (which was already suffering from a measles epidemic), 15th Alabama and 21st Georgia.
Mid-September Changed camp to the Centreville area, named Camp Toombs.
September 27 Colonel John Thomas Mercer (USMA 54)
May 8 Company E was transferred to the cavalry. The regiment would operate with nine companies until 1864.
Jackson’s Valley Campaign
Cross Keys

The regiment lost 4 killed and 23 wounded

June 26 Cold Harbor

Captain James C. Nisbet was wounded

Seven Days

The regiment lost 20 killed, 80 wounded and 11 missing

July 27 Captain Thomas C. Glover of Company A was elected major
Second Manassas

The regiment brought 242 men to the field

September 17 Battle of Sharpsburg

Commanded by Major Glover, who was wounded. Captain James Nisbet took command of the regiment and was also wounded

Battle of Chancellorsville
July 1-3 Battle of Gettysburg

The regiment was commanded by Colonel John T. Mercer and brought 287 men to the field. It lost 4 men killed, 11 wounded and 23 missing.

Mine Run campaign
August 11 Captain Nisbet resigned to form and be elected colonel of the 66th Georgia.
Sent with 21st North Carolina to New Berne
Spring A new Company E was formed to replace the company which transferred to cavalry in 1862.
April 18 Colonel Mercer killed at Plymouth N.C. Major Glover was promoted to lieutenant colonel.
September 19 Third Battle of Winchester

Lt. Colonel Thomas Glover was killed

Surrendered 7 officers and 50 men at Appomattox.

Colonels Thomas W. Hooper and John T> Mercer, Lt. Colonels Thomas C. Glover and J.J. Morrison, and Major Michael Lynch