47 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1854
36 served in the Civil War

Class of 1854 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army.

Henry L. Abbott 2 Colonel USV  
Judson D. Bingham 9 Captain USA  
Zenas R. Bliss 41 Colonel USV  
David H. Brotherton 44 Captain USA  
Milton T. Carr 18 Captain USA Retired 12/29/63
Henry W. Closson 8 Captain USA  
Benjamin F. Davis 32 Colonel USV Killed 6/9/63 Brandy Station
James Deshler 7 Brigadier General Killed 9/20/63 Chickamauga
George E. Gordon 30 Captain USA  
Archibald Gracie 14 Brigadier General Killed 12/2/64 at Petersburg
John T. Greble 21 1st Lieutenant Killed at Big Bethel 6/9/61; first USMA grad killed in the Civil War
Oliver D. Greene 26 Major USA Medal of Honor at Antietam
Loomis L. Langdon 20 Captain USA  
G.W. Custiss Lee 1 Major General  
Stephen D. Lee 17 Lieutenant General  
John O. Long 31 Lieutenant Colonel  
John Mc Cleary 46 Captain USA  
John T. Mercer 40 Colonel Killed 4/19/64 Plymouth NC
Michael R. Morgan 16 Captain USA  
John Mullins 43 unknown  
Edgar O’Connor 42 Colonel USV Killed 8/2/61-Groveton
John Pegram 10 Brigadier General Mortally wounded at Hatchers Run, died 2/6/65; monument Hatchers Run; see bio
William D. Pender 19 Major General Killed Gettysburg 7/3/63
Horace Randall 45 Colonel Killed Jenkins Ferry AK. 4/30/64
Charles G. Rogers 11 unknown  
Thomas H. Ruger 3 Brigadier General USV  
Charles G. Sawtelle 38 Lt. Colonel USA  
Henry A. Smalley 23 Colonel USV  
Abner Smead 25 Colonel  
John R. Smead 15 Colonel USV Killed Bull Run 8/30/61
James E.B. Stuart 13 Major General Mortally wounded Yellow Tavern died 5/12/64; monument Yellow Tavern
E. Franklin Townsend 28 Captain USA  
Thomas J. Treadwell 5 Captain USA  
Charles H. Turnbull 5 Captain USA  
John B. Villepigue 22 Brigadier General Died of fever Port Hudson 11/9/62
Stephen H. Weed 27 Brigadier General Killed at Gettysburg 7/2/63; monument Gettysburg.

Cadets who did not serve in the Civil War

Alfred B. Chapman 29   Resigned 5/14/61
William M. Davant 37   Drowned 10/1/55
Samuel Kinsey 24   Died 7/14/55 Washington DC
Waterman Palmer 34   Died 1855
Samuel T. Shepperd 36   Died Fort Leavenworth 6/27/55
Levi W. Wade 39   Died 9/13/54
James Wright 33   Died 10/26/57 Albuquerque NM
Thomas J. Wright 12   Died near Chicago 1857

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