47 cadets graduated

Cadets who served in the Civil War

Henry L. Abbott 2 Colonel USV
Judson D. Bingham 9 Captain USA
Zenas R. Bliss 41 Colonel USV
David H. Brotherton 44 Captain USA
Milton T. Carr 18 Captain USA Retired 12/29/63
Henry W. Closson 8 Captain USA
Benjamin F. Davis 32 Colonel USV Killed 6/9/63 Brandy Station
James Deshler 7 Brigadier General Killed 9/20/63 Chickamauga
George E. Gordon 30 Captain USA
Archibald Gracie 14 Brigadier General Killed 12/2/64 at Petersburg
John T. Greble 21 1st Lieutenant Killed at Big Bethel 6/9/61; first USMA grad killed in the Civil War
Oliver D. Greene 26 Major USA Medal of Honor at Antietam
Loomis L. Langdon 20 Captain USA
G.W. Custiss Lee 1 Major General
Stephen D. Lee 17 Lieutenant General
John O. Long 31 unknown
John Mc Cleary 46 Captain USA
John T. Mercer 40 Colonel Killed 4/19/64 Plymouth NC
Michael R. Morgan 16 Captain USA
John Mullins 43 unknown
Edgar O’Connor 42 Colonel USV Killed 8/2/61-Groveton
John Pegram 10 Brigadier General Mortally wounded at Hatchers Run, died 2/6/65; monument Hatchers Run
William D. Pender 19 Major General Killed Gettyburg 7/3/63
Horace Randall 45 Colonel Killed Jenkins Ferry AK. 4/30/64
Charles G. Rogers 11 unknown
Thomas H. Ruger 3 Brigadier General USV
Charles G. Sawtelle 38 Lt. Colonel USA
Henry A. Smalley 23 Colonel USV
Abner Smead 25 Colonel
John R. Smead 15 Colonel USV Killed Bull Run 8/30/61
James E.B. Stuart 13 Major General Mortally wounded Yellow Tavern died 5/12/64; monument Yellow Tavern
E. Franklin Townsend 28 Captain USA
Thomas J. Treadwell 5 Captain USA
Charles H. Turnbull 5 Captain USA
John B. Villepigue 22 Brigadier General Died of fever Port Hudson 11/9/62
Stephen H. Weed 27 Brigadier General Killed at Gettysburg 7/2/63; monument Gettysburg.


Cadets who did not serve in the Civil War

Alfred B. Chapman 29 Resigned 5/14/61
William M. Davant 37 Drowned 10/1/55
Samuel Kinsey 24 Died 7/14/55 Washington DC
Waterman Palmer 34 Died 1855
Samuel T. Shepperd 36 Died Fort Leavenworth 6/27/55
Levi W. Wade 39 Died 9/13/54
James Wright 33 Died 10/26/57 Albuquerque NM
Thomas J. Wright 12 Died near Chicago 1857

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