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October 1 Organized near Decatur with 13 companies mustering 1,200 men under Colonel Augustus R. Wright, Lieutenant Colonel George W. Lee and Major Lewis J. Parr.
Served at Savannah and Skidaway Island.
February 14 Colonel Wright resigned to take his seat in congress. Lieutenant Colonel Lee was promoted to colonel, Major Parr was promoted to lieutenant colonel and Captain John Y. Flowers of Company A was promoted to major.
June Major Flowers resigned due to a hernia and Captain James D. Mathews of Company E was promoted to major.
mid-June Ten companies were moved from Georgia to Virginia. Attached to Lawton’s Brigade, Jackson’s Division, Army of the Valley
June 27
Battle of Gaines’ Mill

The regiment lost 54 men killed and 118 wounded. Lieutenant Colonel Parr lost an arm, and Major Mathews was wounded. Captain William H. Battey took over the regiment as senior captain.

July 15 Colonel Lee resigned and Major Mathews, still recovering from his Gains’ Mill wound, was promoted to lieutenant colonel.
August 20 Attached to Lawton’s Brigade, Ewell’s Division, Jackson’s Command, Army of Nothern Virginia
August 28-30
Second Battle of Manassas

The regiment lost 161 casualties out of the 262 men engaged.

Setember 17
Battle of Sharpsburg

Captain Battey was killed. Captain Peter Brennan of the 61st Georgia may have taken over command of the regiment, which lost 95 out of the 123 men engaged.

October Captain McLeod returned to regiment and resumed command
December 13 Battle of FredericksburgThe regiment lost 10 men killed and 91 wounded. Captain McLeod was stunned by a shell.

Colonel Parr resigned, and Lieutenant Colonel Mathews – still on sick leave – was promoted to colonel.

January 19 General Jubal Early was given permanent command of the division.
January 21 Captain McLeod’s “stern” request for promotion to major was denied by acting division commander Jubal Early and he was placed in arrest for gambling and “encouraging soldiers to go home by illegal means.”
February Cleared of his charges, Captain McLeod was promoted to major.
Spring Major McLeod was promoted to lieutenant colonel
May 1-4
Battle of Chancellorsville
June 4 General Gordon took over Lawton’s Brigade of Early’s Division of the Second Corps.
June 13-15
Second Battle of Winchester

Captain C. A. Hawkins was killed

July 1-3
Battle of Gettysburg

The regiment was commanded by Lt. Colonel William L. McLeod and brought 341 men to the field. It lost 18 men killed, 62 wounded and 53 missing. Lt. Colonel McLeod was killed, shot trough the temple in the attack on Barlow’s Knoll, along with Lieutenants John Oglesby and W.F. Goodwin.

Captain Thomas H. Bomar of Company L was promoted to major.

September 18 Major Philip E. Davant of the 3rd Georgia Sharpshooter Battalion was transferred to the 38th Georgia as lieutenant colonel.
May 4-5
Battle of the Wilderness
May 12
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House

Lieutenant Colonel Davant was captured.

May 21 Attached to Evan’s Brigade of Gordon’s Division of the Second Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia
May 23-26 North Anna
June Lieutenant Colonel Davant was exchanged
June 3
Battle of Cold Harbor
June 13 Attached to Evans’ Brigade of Gordon’s Division of the Army of the Valley
June 17-18 Battle of Lynchburg
June 19-21 Pursuit of Hunter
June 22 Day of rest at Salem
June 23-26 Advance into the Shenandoah Valley to Staunton
June 28-July 2 Advance from Staunton to near Harpers Ferry
July 5-6 Crossed the Potomac at Boteler’s Ford and advances to west of Frederick
July 9
Battle of Monocacy
July 10 The advance on Washington continues through an extremely hot day.
July 11-12 Battle of Fort Stevens
July 13-15 Left Washington, crossed the Potomac at White’s Ford, and marched across Loudon County.
July 16 Crossed the Blue Ridge at Snickers Gap to Berryville
July 19 Moved to Strasburg
July 24
Second Battle of Kernstown
August 8 At Bunker Hill
August 10 To Winchester
August 12 To Fisher’s Hill
August 17 Returned to Winchester and Bunker Hill.
August 22 To Charles Town
August 25-26 Feint toward Williamsport and return to Bunker Hill.
September 5 To Winchester
September 19
Third Battle of Winchester
September 22
Battle of Fisher’s Hill
October 19
Battle of Cedar Creek

The regiment was commanded by Major Thomas Bomar, who was captured.

October 31 Colonel Mathews retired to the Invalid Corps.
December 9 Returned with Gordon’s Division from the Shenandoah Valley to the Richmond area, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Philip E. Davant. Attached to Evans’ Brigade of Gordon’s Division, Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
February 6
Battle of Hatcher’s Run
April 7
Farmville and High Bridge
April 9
Appomattox Court House

The regiment surrendered 112 men, of whom 73 were armed.