Confederate Regiments & BatteriesSouth Carolina

June 12

Organized as a three company battalion under the command of Major Matthew Caldwell Butler, an attorney and politician. The battalion was raised as part of the Hampton Legion, a force of infantry, cavalry and artillery created by Wade Hampton, one of the south’s richest men.

The three companies that were originally raised were:

Company A Edgefield Hussars (Edgefield)
Company B Brooks Troop (Greenville)
Company C Beaufort District Troop (Beaufort)

July The cavalry battalion was separated from the infantry portion of the Legion, which fought at Manassas. 
August 5 Company D Congaree Troop (Columbia) was added to the battalion. The Legion reunited in August at Brentville, near Manassas Junction.
Siege of Yorktown
June-July Assigned to Cavalry Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia
June 25-July 1
Seven Days Battles
July Assigned to Hampton’s Brigade, Cavalry Division, Army of Northern Virginia
August 22 Consolidated with the 4th South Carolina Cavalry Battalion and two other companies to form the 2nd South Carolina Cavalry Regiment