Ira Glanton Grover was born on Dec. 26, 1932 in Brownsville, Indiana. He graduated in 1856 from Asbury Univerisy in Kentucky, and became a lawyer in Greensburg, Indiana.

Colonel Ira Granton Grover 7th Indiana Infantry Regimen

Colonel Ira Granton Grover
7th Indiana Infantry Regiment

He resigned from his seat in the Indiana State House of Representatives to become captain of Company E of the 7th Indiana Infantry Regiment (three months), and stayed on as captain of the same company in the 7th Indiana Infantry (three years).

Grover was wounded at the Battle of Port Republic on June 9, 1862, but returned to rise to colonel in command of the regiment.

At Gettysburg the 7th Indiana Infantry had been left behind at Emmitsburg on July 1st to guard the corps trains with orders to wait until relieved by one of Brigadier General George Stannard’s Vermont regiments. By 10 a.m. the Vermonters had not arrived but Col. Grover decided to leave for the front anyway. While on the way word came of the battle and the regiment hurried its march, reaching the battlefield in the early evening. They were posted on the north side of Culp’s Hill, going into line next to the survivors of the Iron Brigade.

This strong and fresh regiment added greatly to the security of Culp’s Hill that evening. Col. Grover was later brought before a court martial for abandoning his post guarding the trains, but was exonerated.

He mustered out in September 20, 1864, and on March 13 1865 was awarded a brevet of brigadier general for war service.

After the war he lived in Greensburg, Indiana. He died on May 30, 1876.