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“10th Legion”

The 56th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment lost 1 officer and 63 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 3 officers and 213 enlisted men to disease in the Civil War.

Organized at Newburg, N.Y. The regiment was originally organized with eleven companies. Two companies of cavalry and two batteries of artillery were also recruited, the whole beng known as the 10th Legion. The batteries became the 7th and 8th Independent Batteries and the cavalry became part of the 1st Mounted Rifles.
October 28 Mustered in under Colonel Charles H. Van Wyck, Lieutenant Colonel James Jourdan and Maor Jacob Sharpe
November 7 Left State for Washington, D.C.
November Duty in the Defenses of Washington, D.C. attached to 1st Brigade, Casey’s Division, Army of the Potomac
March Attached to 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 4th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac
March 10-15 Advance on Manassas, Va
March 28 Moved to Newport News, Va.
April 5-May 4 Siege of Yorktown
May 5 Battle of Williamsburg
May 20-23 Operations about Bottom’s Bridge
May 31-June 1
Battle of Seven Pines (or Fair Oaks)

Captain William Williams and 26 enlisted men were killed or mortally wounded, 4 officers and 35 enlisted men wounded, and 5 men captured

June Attached to 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps
June 25-July 1 Seven days before Richmond
June 27
Battle of Gaines Mill
June 28-29
Bottom’s Bridge
June 30
White Oak Swamp
July 1
Malvern Hill
July At Harrison’s Landing
August 5 Major Sharpe discharged
August 6-7 Lieytenant Colonel Jourdan discharged. Captain Frederick Decker of Company C promoted to lieutenant colonel and Captain John Wheeler of Company D to major
August 16-22 Moved to Fortress Monroe, Va. then to Yorktown, Va.
September-December Duty at Yorktown and at Gloucester Point
September 16 Action at Lee’s Mills
November 23 Lieutenant Colonel Decker discharged, Captain Rockwell Tyler of Company L promoted to major
December 11-15 Reconnaissance to Gloucester and Matthews Counties attached to Naglee’s Brigade, Dept. of North Carolina
December 26-January 1 Moved to Morehead City, N. C. attached to 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 18th Army Corps, Dept. of North Carolina
January 28-31 To Port Royal, S.C. Attached to 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 18th Army Corps, Dept. of the South
February-March At St. Helena Island, S.C.
March 27-July 6 At Seabrook Island
April Attached to Stephenson’s Brigade, Seabrook Island, S. C., 10th Army Corps, Dept. of the South
July 9-16 Expedition to James Island attached to 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Morris Island, S.C.,10th Army Corps
July 16 Grimball’s Landing, Secessionville
July Siege of Fort Wagner, Morris Island, S.C., and operations against Fort Sumter and Charleston attached to Davis’ Brigade, Folly Island, S.C., 10th Army Corps
August Duty in District of Beaufort, S.C.attached to Saxton’s Division, District of Beaufort, S.C., 10th Army Corps


February 18 Captain Eliphas Smith of Company I promoted to major
April Attached to District of Beaufort, S.C., Dept. of the South
May 18 Maor Tyler promoted to lieutenant colonel
June 30-July 10 Expedition to James Island, S.C.
July 4 James Island
July 9 John’s Island
July-November Duty on Morris and Folly Islands, S.C.
November 28-30 Hatch’s Expedition up Broad River attached to 1st Brigade, Coast Division, Dept. of the South
November 30
Battle of Honey Hill

The regiment lost 12 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, 1 officer and 33 enlisted men wounded, and 4 men captured or missing

December 5
Boydt’s Point

The regiment lost 3 officers and 18 enlisted men wounded

December 6-9 Demonstration on Charleston and Savannah Railroad
December 6
Deveaux’s Neck

The regiment lost 17 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, and 4 officers and 33 enlisted men wounded

December 9

The regiment lost 4 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 20 enlisted men wounded

January 18 –
March 25
Ordered to Morris Island; Attached to 1st Separate Brigade, Morris Island, S.C., Dept. of the South
March Attached to 4th Separate Brigade, Dept. of the South
April 5-25 Potter’s Expedition to Camden, S.C.
April 9
Dingle’s Mills

The regiment lost 4 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, and 17 enlisted men wounded

April 15 Statesburg
April 17 Occupation of Camden
April 18 Boykin’s Mills
April 19 Denkin’s Mills and Beech Creek, near Statesburg
April-September Duty in Northern and Western Districts of South Carolina
July Attached to 2nd Sub-District, District of Western South Carolina
September 29 Lieutenant Colonel Tyler promoted to colonel, Major Smith promoted to lieutenant colonel and Captain James Dubois of Company F promoted to major but none are mustered
October 17 Mustered out at Charleston under Colonel Van Wyck, Lieutenant Colonel Tyler and Major Smith