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The 92nd New York Infantry Regiment lost 1 officer and 67 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 2 officers and 115 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.

Organized at Potsdam, New York, principally from Franklin and St. Lawrence Counties.
January 1 Mustered in under the command of Colonel Jonah Sanford, Lieutenant Colonel LaFayette Bingham and Major Thomas S. Hall
March 5 Left New York for Washington, D.C. Attached to 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 4th Corps, Army of the Potomac
March 10-15 Advance on Manassas, Virginia.
March 28

Peninsula Campaign

Ordered to the Virginia Peninsula

April 5-May 4

Siege of Yorktown

April 29 Reconnaissance toward Lee’s Mills
May 5

Battle of Williamsburg

May 21-23 Operations about Bottom’s Bridge
May 29-30 Near Seven Pines
May 31-June 1

Battle of Seven Pines or Fair Oaks

The regiment lost 16 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, 4 officers and 57 men wounded, and 28 men missing.

June 8 New Market Road
June Assigned to 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 4th Corps
June 25-July 1

Seven days before Richmond

The regiment lost 1 officer and 1 enlsted man wounded and 12 men missing.

June 27-28

Bottom’s Bridge

June 30

White Oak Swamp

July 1

Malvern Hill

July-August At Harrison’s Landing
August 16-23 Moved to Fortress Monroe
September 18 Moved to Suffolk, Virginia. and attached to Wessell’s Brigade, Division of Suffolk, Va., 7th Corps, Department of Virginia
October 3 Reconnaissance to Franklin
October 9, 26, 29 and 30
Affairs on the Blackwater
October 31 Franklin
December 4 Ordered to New Berne, North Carolina and assigned to 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Department of North Carolina
December 11-20
Foster’s Expedition to Goldsboro, North Carolina

The regiment lost 5 men killed or mortally wounded, and1 office and 13 men wounded

December 14
Actions at Kingston

The regiment was commanded by Colonel Hunt, who was badly wounded.

December 16 Whitehall
December 17 Goldsboro
December-April Duty at and near New Berne
January 18-
February 10
Operations against Whiting. Assigned to 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 18th Corps, Department of North Carolina
March 14 Fort Anderson
April 7-10 Expedition to relief of Little Washington
May Attachedto Lee’s Brigade, Defenses of New Berne, Department of North Carolina
August Attache to Sub-District of the Albemarle, District of North Carolina, Department of Virginia and North Carolina
February 1-3 Beech Grove and Batchelor’s Creek, near New Berne
April 28 Ordered to Yorktown, Virginia and assigned to Palmer’s Brigade, Peck’s Division, 18th Corps, then to 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 18th Corps.
May 4-28

Butler’s operations on south side of the James River against Petersburg and Richmond

May 5

Occupation of City Point and Bermuda Hundred

May 8-10 Swift Creek or Arrowfield Church
May 12-16. Operations against Fort Darling
May 14-16

Battle of Drury’s Bluff

May 16-27

Bermuda Hundred

May 27-31 Moved to White House, then to Cold Harbor
June 1-12

Battles around Cold Harbor

The regiment lost 1 officer and 24 men killed or mortally wounded, and 2 officers and 61 men wounded

June 15-18

Grant’s First Assault on Petersburg

June 20 Wier Bottom Church
June 16 to December 1

Siege operations against Petersburg and Richmond

The regiment lost 1 officer and 16 men killed or mortally wounded, and 1 officer and 19 men wounded.

June 24 and 28 Hare’s House
July 30

Mine Explosion, Petersburg (Reserve)

August-September Duty in the trenches before Petersburg and on the Bermuda front
September 28-30

Battle of Chaffin’s Farm, New Market Heights

The regiment lost 13 men killed or mortally wounded, 1 officer and 15 men wounded and 6 missing.

October Assigned to 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 18th Corps
October 27-28

Battle of Fair Oaks

The regiment lost 2 men killed, 3 men wounded and 26 men missing.

November Duty in trenches before Richmond north of the James River
December 1 Consolidated with 96th Regiment New York Infantry
January 7 Old members mustered out