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The 10th New York Independent Battery lost 2 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 9 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War. It is honored by a monument at Gettysburg.

First organized at Syracuse, N. Y.
December 18 Mustered in under Captain Edward S. Jenney
January 21 Assigned to 3rd New York Light Artillery as Battery F
April 9 Again organized at New York City as “2nd Excelsior Battery” and mustered in under Captain John T. Bruen
April 10 Left State for Washington, D. C.
April Attached to Wadsworth’s Command, Defenses of Washington, D.C. for duty in the Defenses of Washington
June 28 Moved to Harper’s Ferry, W. Va. and assigned to Artillery 2nd Corps, Pope’s Army of Virginia
July – September Pope’s Campaign in Northern Virginia
August 9
Battle of Cedar Mountain

The battery lost 1 man wounded

August 19 Rappahannock Station
August 21-23 Fords of the Rappahannock
August 23-24 Sulphur Springs
August 29 Battles of Groveton
August 30
Second Battle of Bull Run

The battery lost 1 man killed

September Duty in the Defenses of Washington assigned to Artillery, 2nd Division, 12th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac
November Assigned to Artillery, 3rd Division, 3rd Army Corps, Army of the Potomac
December Rappahannock Campaign
December 12-15
Battle of Fredericksburg


January 20-24 “Mud March”
February-April At Falmouth, Va.
April 27-May 6 Chancellorsville Campaign
May Assigned to Artillery Brigade, 3rd Army Corps
May 1-5
Battle of Chancellorsville

Commanded by Lieutenant Samuel Lewis, the battery lost 13 enlisted men wounded and 5 captured holding off a heavy Confederate assault at Hazel Grove. During the final withdrawal to the river the battery was ordered to leave its guns and take the horses, but the men of the battery refused and saved its guns as well.

May 12 Assigned to 1st Volunteer Brigade, Artillery Reserve, Army of the Potomac. Served by detachments with 1st New Hampshire Battery, 5th Massachusetts Battery, and Batteries C and G, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery.
June 2 Lieutenant Lewis resigned
June 4 Captain John Bruen discharged
July 1-3
Battle of Gettysburg

Temporarily attached to 5th Massachusetts Battery, the battery lost Privates Edward Fotheringham and John Verity killed and 3 men wounded

July Reconstituted as an independent battery under Lieutenant Charles T. Bruen. Ordered to Washington, D.C., and duty at Camp Barry, 22nd Army Corps, Dept. of Washington
June 21 Transferred to 6th New York Independent Battery