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The 13th New York Heavy Artillery lost 1 officer and 4 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 2 officers and 144 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.

Organized at New York
August 4 Company D mustered in at Staten Island
August 12 Company A mustered in at Elmira
August 29 Company B mustered in at Elmira
September 11 Company C mustered in at Elmira
October 5 Companies A, B, C, D left State for Norfolk, Va. Attached to Defenses of Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va., and Defenses of New Berne, N. C., Dept. of Virginia and North Carolina (1st and 2nd Battalions).
November 10 Company I mustered in at Riker’s Island
December Company M mustered in at Elmira
February Company F mustered in at Elmira
February 18 Company H mustered in at Elmira
February 21 Company K mustered in at Norfolk, Va.
March 10 Company E mustered in at Fort Schuyler
March 14 Company G mustered in at Elmira
May Companies A & H attached to 3rd Division, 18th Army Corps to January
May 4-28 Companies A & H participating in Butler’s operations on south side of the James River and against Petersburg and Richmond
June 11 Company L mustered in at Elmira
June 3rd Battalion (Companies I – M) attached to Naval Brigade as guard on board vessels of war along Atlantic Coast and with James River fleet as Naval Brigade, Army of the James
June 15-18 Companies A & H – Before Petersburg
June 16 – April 2 Companies A & H – Siege operations against Petersburg and Richmond
January Companies A & H attached to Defenses of Bermuda Hundred, Va. to June
January 15 Company D at Fort Fisher, N. C.
April 2 Fall of Petersburg
March 10-11 Expedition from Suffolk to Murfree’s Depot, N. C. (Detachment)
March 10 South Quay
March 28-April 11 Expedition from Deep Bottom to near Weldon, N. C. (Detachment)
July 18 Balance transferred to 6th New York Heavy Artillery
June 28 Old members and Companies I – M mustered out