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The 101st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment lost 39 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 1 officer and 281 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.

November 21 Organized at Harrisburg under Colonel Joseph H. Wilson, Lieutenant Colonel David B. Morris and Major Joseph S. Hoard
February 26 Colors presented by Governor Curtin
February 27 Moved to Washington, D.C.
March Went into camp of Meridian Hill. Attached to 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 4th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment’s Harpers Ferry muskets were traden for Austrian Rifles.
March 10-15 Advance on Manassas, Va.
March 28 Ordered to the Peninsula
April 5-May 4 Siege of Yorktown
May 5 Battle of WilliamsburgThe regiment lost six wounded. Colonel Wilson sickened with fever and left at Roper’s Church.
May 22 Companies D and I crossed the Chickahominy to dig rifle pits and slash timber
May 23 The rest of the regiment crossed the Chickahominy
May 30 Colonel Wilson died at Roper’s Church
May 31-June 1
Battles of Fair Oaks, Seven Pines

The regiment lost 1/3 of its strength, including Lt. Colonel Morris, who was wounded. Captain Charles May took command of the regiment.

June Assigned to 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps
June 25-July 1 Seven days before Richmond
June 30 Brackett’s
July 1
Malvern Hill

Lt, Colonel Morris was promoted to colonel but still absent due to wounds. Major Hoard promoted to lieutenant colonel and Captain David Armour of Company A promoted to major

July At Harrison’s Landing
August 16-23 Moved to Fortress Monroe
September 18 To Suffolk. Attached to Wessell’s Brigade, Division at Suffolk, Va., 7th Corps, Dept. of Virginia.
September 24 Lt. Colonel Hoard resigns due to ill health. Captain May again took command of the regiment
October 6 Major Armour promoted to lieutenant colonel
November 13 Captain Alexander Taylor of Company H promoted to major, and took command of the regiment dur to Colonel Morris’ wounds and injures sustained by Lt. Colonel Armour
December 4 Ordered to New Berne, N. C. and attached to 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Dept. of North Carolina
December 10-21 Foster’s Expedition to Goldsboro
December 14 Kinston
December 16 Whitehall
December 17 Goldsboro
December – May Duty at New Berne
January Attached to 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 18th Army Corps, Dept. of North Carolina
March 7-14 Expedition from New Berne to Mattamuskeet Lake
April 4-6 Operations on the Pamlico
April 7-10 Expedition for relief of Little Washington
May Moved to Plymouth and atached to District of Albemarle, Dept. of North Carolina,
May 2 Lt. Colonel Armour discharged
June 28 Expedition from Plymouth to Nichol’s Mills (Detachment)
July 1 Major Taylor promoted to lieutenant colonel
July 5-7 Expedition from Plymouth to Gardner’s Bridge and Williamston
July 26-29 Expedition from Plymouth to Foster’s Mills
August Attached to Sub District, Albemarle, District of North Carolina, Dept. of Virginia and North Carolina
January 20 Harrellsville (Detachment)
January 30 Windsor
February 16 Fairfield
March Moved to New Berne
April To Roanoke Island and to Plymouth
April 17-20 Siege of Plymouth
April 20 Surender of Plymouth. The regiment lost 5 men killed. Captain Mays and 23 enlisted men were wounded. The rest of the regiment was captured, including Lt. Colonel Taylor, Adjutant J. H. Longenecker, Quartermaster Thomas King, Assistant Surgeon William Macpherson, Captains Benner, Bowers, Compher, Clark, Dawson, Freeman, Mullin and Sheafer, Lieutenants Begle, Conley, Cubbison, Davidson, Kirk, Morrow, Hippard, Verrick, and Helm.

Captains Bowers and Dawson, and Lieutenants Conley, Helm, and Davidson escaped captivity, and Captains Benner and Freeman, Lieutenants Beegle, and Hippard, and Adjutant Longeinecker escaped but were recaptured. Over half the enlisted men died before they were exchanged in March of 1865.

May Those not captured at Plymouth – sick and detached men and men on furlough at the time – served as garrison at Roanoke Island under Lieutenant David Ramsey.
November 20 Lt. Colonel Taylor mustered out
January 24 Colonel Morris mustered out
June 25 Mustered out at New Berne