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April 25 Organized at Camp Curtin, Harrisburg, and mustered in for three months service under Colonel Thomas A. Rowley, Lieutenant Colonel John N. Purviance and Major W.S. Mellinger
April 26 Moved to York, Pa.
June 4 Moved to Chambersburg. Attached to 4th Brigade, 1st Division, Patterson’s Army
June 11 To Camp Brady, south of Chambersburg
June 14 Moved to Greencastle
June 15 Advanced to Camp Reily, near Williamsport
June 16 Crossd the Potomac at Williamsport, advancing a few miles into Virginia
June 18 Goose Creek, Edward’s Ferry, then returned to Williamsport, acing as rearguard
July 4 Escorted Rhode Island Battery to Martinsburg
July 16 Moved to Bunker Hill
July 17 Forced march to Charlestown
July 21 To Harper’s Ferry, fording the river without guides in the darkness
July 22 Marched to Hagerstown
July 25 Moved by Cumberland Valley railroad to Harisburg
August 6 Moved to Harrisburg, Pa., and mustered out
Late August Colonel Rowley and five companies went to Washington and became the nucleus of the 102nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment