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“Quaker Regiment”

April 25 Organized at Philadelphia as the First Pennsylvania Artillery and mustered in under Colonel Francis E. Patterson, Lieutenant Colonel Robert O. Tyler and Major William A. Leech
May 8 Moved to Perryville, where it joined Major W. T. Sherman’s artillery battery, then by transport to Baltimore, Md., landing on Locust Point and marching to Camden Station.
May 10 To Washington, D.C, where the regiment was quartered in the Senate Chamber.
May 12 Moved to camp on Kalorama Heights
May 15 Designation changed to 17th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
June 6 Merchants presented the regiment with drab felt hats, leading to their nickname, Quaker Regiment
June 10-July 1 Attached to Stone’s Command, Rockville Expedition
June 10 Marched to Rockville
June 14 Marched va Darnstown to Poolsville. Companies B and C were detached to Edwards Ferry under the command of Captain D.F. Foley with a company of Magruder’s Cavalry and a 12 pound howitzer.
June 18 Edward’s Ferry

Confederates across the river were dispersed by artillery and rifle fire. Company I joined the detachment at Edwards’ Ferry.

Captain Gardner of Company E took 20 sharpshooters to Conrad’s Ferry to silence a Confederate battery firing on the 1st New Hampshire Infantry, who had short-ranged smoothbore muskets.

June 29 Company D joins the detatchments at Edwards’ Ferry
July 1 Companies D and I rejoine the regiment, which forded Monocacy Creek and marched to Point of Rocks, where Companies B and G joined.
July 3 Crossed Catoctin Mountain and marched to Knoxville
July 7 Joined Patterson at Martinsburg, Va. and Attached to 7th Brigade, 3rd Division, Patterson’s Army
July 15 Advance on Bunker Hill
July 17 March to Charleston
July 21 To Harper’s Ferry. The news of the Union defeat at Bull Run led to a consensus that the regiment would remain a month past the expiration of its service if needed.
July 23 Forded the Potomac and marched to Sandy Hook.
August 2 Washington did not require the regiment’s services, and it was moved to Philadelphia and mustered out