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May 1 Organized at Philadelphia
May 7 Mustered into United States servie for three months under Colonel Joshua T. Owen, Lieutenant Colonel Dennis Heenan and Major Dennis O’Kane
June 3 Moved to Chambersburg, Pa. Attached to Negley’s 5th Brigade, Keim’s 2nd Division, Patterson’s Army
June 16 Moved to Hagerstown, Md.
June 18 to Williamsport
July 3 Occupation of Martinsburg
July 15 Advance on Bunker Hill
July 17 At Charlestown
July 27 General Patterson requested the regiment remain in service beyond its original three months until replacements arrived, and the regiment volunteered to extend its service by two weeks.
August 10 Moved to Harper’s Ferry; then by rail to Baltimore and Philadelphia and mustered out