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The 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery Regiment lost 5 officers and 221 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 5 officers and 385 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.

January 8 Organized at Philadelphia as the 112th Pennsylvania Volunteers under Colonel Charles Angeroth, Lt. Colonel John Oberteuffer and Major William Candidus
January 9 Companies D, G and H under Captain James Anderson ordered to Fort Delaware
February 25 Companies A, B, C, E, F, I and K moved to Washington, D.C.
March Garrison duty in the Defences of Washington north of the Potomac attached to Artillery Brigade, Military District of Washington
March 1 Captain Jason Anderson promoted to major
March 19 Companies A, B, C, E, F, I and K rejoined Regiment in Defences of Washington
June 21 Colonel Angeroth resigned
June 25 Captain August A. Gibson of the 2nd United States Artillery transferred in and promoted to colonel
August Assigned to Defences of Washington north of the Potomac
September 10 Captain David Sadler of Battery D promoted to major
October Assigned to 1st Brigade, Haskins’ Division, Defences north of the Potomac
November 24 Two Independent Companies of Heavy Artillery assigned as Companies L and M
November 25 Captain Thomas Wilhelm promoted to major
February Assigned to 1st Brigade, Haskins’ Division, 22nd Army Corps, Dept. Washington
August 23 Major Candidus resigns
November 9 Captain John S. Jardin dies of disease
January 8 Lt. Colonel Oberteuffer mustered out at end of term
March Assigned to 1st Brigade, DeRussy’s Division, 22nd Corps
April 20 The regiment grew through enlistments to 3,300 men, well over its legal limit. The 2nd Pennsylvania Provisional Heavy Artillery was formed from part of the regiment and sent to the front assigned to the Ninth Army Corps.
May 27-28 Marched through Washington and boarded transports at Sixth Street for Port Royal, Va.
May 28-June 4 Marched sixty miles from Port Royal to Cold Harbor
June 1-2 Assigned to 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 18th Army Corps, Dept. of Virginia and North Carolina. The regiment was formed into three battalions under Major Anderson, Captain Jones and Major Sadler under the overall command of Colonel Gibson.
June 4-12
Battles about Cold Harbor
June 15-19
Asault on Petersburg

The Second Battalion lost 10 killed and 65 wounded, including Captain Jones, in an unsuccessful charge against Confederate works. Captain McClure took over command of the Second Battalion.

June 16,
Siege operations begin against Petersburg and Richmond

In trenches before Petersburg. From June to August in the trenches from the Appomattox River to Jerusalem Plank Road the regiment went from a strength of 1,836 to less than 900.

July 30
Mine Explosion, Petersburg

Captain B. Griffin Barney and Lieutenant Jesper Holman wounded

August 3 Colonel Gibson returned to the 2nd United States Artillery. Major Anderson took command of the regiment.
August 22 Captain Richard Horner wounded at Petersburg
August 23 Duty on the Bermuda Hundred front
August 18-21 Weldon Railroad
September 5 The 2nd Pennsylvania Provisional Heavy Artillery rejoined the regiment, having lost about one thousand casualties and reduced to a strength of less than 400 men.
September 28-30
Chaffin’s Farm, New Market Heights

In an unsuccessful charge on Confederate trenches near Fort Harrison Major James Anderson and Lieutenant Presley Cannon were killed, Captain Nicholas Baggs and Lieutenant William Barba wounded and Major Sadler, Captain George Wilson and Lieutenants John Gayetti, Thomas Munford and William McLaughlin captured

October 27-28 Fair Oaks (Company G)
October 30 Captain William McClure of Company F promoted to colonel
December 2 Ordered to Bermuda front and assigned to Provisional Brigade, Defences of Bermuda Hundred, Va., Dept. of Virginia and North Carolina
January 25 Lieuteant Benjamin Winger of Battery D promoted to major
March 8 Colonel McClure resigns
April 2 Fall of Petersburg
April 16 D. Strawbridge mustered in as colonel and Major Sadler mustered out at expitation of term
April Duty at Petersburg assigned to 1st Brigade, Ferrero’s Division, Dept. of Virginia
May In counties of lower Virginia, Sub-District of the Blackwater, District of the Nottaway
May 3 Captain William Bailey of Battery F promoted to major
May 18 Major Winger promoted to lieutenant colonel and Captain David Schooley of Battery M promoted to major
July 14 Major Wilhelm resigns
January 15 Major Bailey discharged at expiration of his term
January 29 Mustered out at City Point, Va.
February 16 Discharged at Philadelphia, Pa. under Colonel Strawbridge, Lt. Colonel Winger, and Major David Schooley