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April 22 Organized at Harrisburg for three months service under Colonel James Nagle, Lieutenant Colonel James J. Seibert and Major John E. Wynkoop
April 22 Moved by rail to Philadelphia and stationed there at the Baltimore Depot
May 7-28 Duty along Pittsburg, Wilmington & Baltimore RailroadOne company was stationed at Newark, one company at Chessapeake City, one company at North East, one company at Charleston, three companies at Elkton and three companies at Perryville
May 28 Moved to ChambersburgAttached to George H. Thomas’ Brigade, 1st Division, Patterson’s Army
June 6 March to Greencastle
June 13 March to Williamsport
June 15 Crossed Potomac and advanced on Martinsburg Road
June 16-24 Returned to Williamsport
June 25 At Downsville
July 1 Returned to Wiliamsport and crossed into Virginia
July 2 Falling Waters
July 3 Occupation of Martinsburg
July 15 Advance on Bunker Hill
July 17 Moved to Charleston
July 18 Marched to Shepherdstown, crossed the Potomac opposite Antietam Creek, and on to Hagerstown, then moved by train to Harrisburg.
July 27 Mustered out