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April 23 Organized at Camp Curtin, Harrisburg for three months service under Colonel A. H. Emley, Lieutenant Colonel Samual Bowman and Major Joseph Philips and orderd to Camp Slifer at Chambersburg
April 25 Duty at Chambersburg assigned to Patterson’s Deparment of Pennsylvania
June 7 Moved to Greencastle attached to Williams’ 3rd Brigade, Cadwalader’s 1st Division, Patterson’s Army
June Guard duty along the Potomac, Guard of stores and fords at Williamsport. Lieutenant Colonel Bowman was captured while scouting the Virginia side of the river.
July 2 Falling Waters. The regiment supportd Captain Doubleday’s Battery holding the ford
July 6 Ordered to Join Brigade at Martinsburg
July 15 Advance on Bunker Hill
July 20 Guard at Keyes Ford
July 22 Ordered ro Harpers Ferry to turn in camp equipment then to Hagerstown and Harrisburg
July 29 Mustered out