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Battery H lost 7 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.

September 30 Organized at Pittsburg
October 21 Mustered in under Captain John I. Nevin, First Lieutenants Edwin H. Nevin and Thedore M. Finlay and Second Lieutenants John Brown and John C. Klett.
October Ordered to Hagerstown, Maryland and assigned to General Morrell’s command.
December To Camp Barry Defenses of Washington, D.C. for Garrison duty in the Defenses of Washington
February 14 Captain Nevin and Lieutenants Klett and Brown resign.
March Assigned to Slough’s Command, Garrison of Alexandria, 22nd Corps, Dept. of Washington. Employed in provost duty and against Confederate partisans
April 7 William Borrowe of the Second United States Artillery was commissioned Captain and given command of the battery.
October 10 First Sergeant A. J. B. Baumstarck was promoted to Second Lieutenant
May 29 Second Lieutenant A. J. B. Baumstarck was discharged
July 14 First Sergeant William H. Askine, Jr. was promoted to Second Lieutenant
July 22 First Sergeant Morris W. Gibbs was promoted to promoted to Second Lieutenant
January To Camp Barry, 22nd Corps
March 8 Captain Borrowe dismissed
April 3 First Lieutenant Edward H. Nevin was promoted to captain, Second Lieutenant Askine to First Lieutenant
April 17 First Sergeant William F. Hoag was promoted to promoted to Second Lieutenant
June 18 Mustered out at Pittsburg under Captain Edward Nevin, First Lieutenants Finlay and Askine and Second Lieutenants Gibbs and Hoag