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April 15 Company A was at Fort Kearney, Nebraska Territory
Companies B, E & H were at Fort Crittenden, Utah Territory
Companies C & K were at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Companies D & F were at Fort Laramie, Nebraska Territory
Company G was with McRae’s Battery Artillery at Fort Craig, New Mexico
Company I was at Fort Union, New Mexico
Companies C, G & I would remain in the Western Theater.
May 22 Captain H.H. Sibley of the 2nd United States Dragoons was appointed Major of the 1st United States Dragoons
May 24 Occupation of Arlington Heights, Va. (Detachment)
June 1 Fairfax Court House (Company B)
June 11 Company K moved to Kansas City, Missouri
July 2-9 Company K, commanded by Captain F.C. Armstrong moved to Washington, arriving by rail from Philadelphia and Baltimore.
July 16-21 Advance on Manassas, Virginia by Company K attached to Captain Innes Palmer’s Battalion of United States Cavalry
July 18 Blackburn’s Ford
July 21
Battle of Bull Run
August Duty in the Defenses of Washington, D.C. Regiment assigned to 1st Brigade, Banks’ Division, Shenandoah
August 3 Designation changed to Second Cavalry Regiment. The original Second Cavalry Regiment became the Fifth Cavalry Regiment