56 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1842
34 served in the Civil War

Class of 1842 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army.

James W. Abert 55 Major USA
Barton S. Alexander 7 Major USA Corps of Engineers
Richard Heron Anderson (bio) 40 Lieutenant General
Alexander G. Beckwith 13 Colonel
James G. Benton 11 Major USA Ordnance Staff
Napoleon Jackson Tecumseh Dana 29 Major General
Abner Doubleday 24 Major General Monument at Gettysburg
Henry Lawrence Eustis 1 Brigadier General
Samuel B. Hayman 51 Colonel
Daniel Harvey Hill 28 Lieutenant General
John Hillhouse 20 Captain
Charles D. Jordan 44 Major, USA
Charles L. Kilburg 22 Major USA Commissary staff
Ralph W. Kirkham 37 Major USA Quartermaster staff
John D. Kurtz 4 Major USA Corps of Engineers
Theodore T.S. Laidley 6 Major USA Ordnance Staff
George W. Lay 41 Colonel
James Longstreet 54 Lieutenant General Monument at Gettysburg
Mansfield Lovell 9 Major General
John S. McCalmont 32 Colonel
Lafayette McLaws (bio) 48 Major General
Eugene McLean 47 Major
John Newton 2 Major General
John Pope 17 Major General
George W. Rains 3 Colonel
William Starke Rosecrans 5 Major General
Armistead T.M. Rust 31 Colonel
Gustavus Woodson Smith 8 Major General
Martin Luther Smith 16 Major General
Alexander Peter Stewart 12 Lieutenant General
Joseph Stewart 18 Captain USA
George Sykes (bio) 39 Major General
Earl Van Dorn 52 Major General
Seth Williams 23 Brigadier General

Cadets who did not serve in the Civil War

Charles T. Baker 50 Resigned 1851
Jenks Beaman 35 First Lieutenant Died on duty, Tampico, Mexico, 1848
Calvin Benjamin 10 First Lieutenant Killed in assault on Mexico City, 1847
Isaac Bowen 15 Captain Died on sick leave, 1858
Hachalliah Brown 25 First Lieutenant Died on duty, Jefferson Barracks, Mo. 1853
John D. Clark 36 First Lieutenant Drowned on duty near Helena, Ark. 1848
Frederick J. Denman 27 First Lieutenant Died on duty, Ft. Smith, Texas, 1853
David Gibson 21 Second Lieutenant Died on duty Tampico, Mexico, 1847
Cyrus Hall 38 Second Lieutenant Died on duty, Texas, 1849
Thomas C. Hammond 49 Second Lieutenant Killed leading charge San Pasqual, Cal. 1846
James O. Handy 55 Second Lieutenant Died on duty, Corpus Christi, Texas 1845
Richard W. Johnston 19 Resigned 1847, died 1857.
Lucien Loeser 26 Resigned 1858
George T. Mason 43 Second Lieutenant Killed in skirmish near Ft. Brow, Texas, 1846
Patrick Noble 33 First Lieutenant Died on duty, Abbeville, S.C. 1848
Allen H. Norton 30 First Lieutenant Drowned on duty in Long Island Sound, 1846
Christopher R. Perry 53 First Lieutenant Died at sea on duty 1848
James W. Schureman 42 First Lieutenant Died on duty near San Francisco, Cal., 1852
Henry W. Stanton 45 Captain Killed in skirmish with Apaches in N.M., 1855
Henry C. Story 34 Resigned 1844
Andrew J. Williamson 46 Resigned 1851

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