27 cadets graduated. This was the last West Point class that graduated in time to take part in the war.

Charles J.Allen 15 1st Lieutenant USA
Vanderbilt Allen 14 1st Lieutenant USA
E. Van Arsdale Andruss 19 2nd Lieutenant USA
Cullen Bryant 16 2nd Lieutenant USA
Arthur H. Burnham 2 1st Lieutenant USA
John T. Cantwell 11 1st Lieutenant USA Killed in an accident at Fort Tompkins, NY 4/18/65
Alexander S. Clarke 18 1st Lieutenant USA
James W. Cuyler 4 1st Lieutenant USA
Andrew N. Damrell 12 1st Lieutenant USA
John Elliott 21 2nd Lieutenant USA Wounded and disabled 8/21/64, retired 2/1/65
William Ennis 20 2nd Lieutenant USA
Oswald Ernst 6 1st Lieutenant USA
David P. Heap 7 1st Lieutenant USA
Rezin G. Howell 24 1st Lieutenant USA
Williasm A. Jones 10 1st Lieutenant USA
Samuel H. Kinney 27 2nd Lieutenant USA
Melville R. Loucks 22 1st Lieutenant USA
William Ludlow 8 1st Lieutenant USA
Garrett J. Lydecker 1 Captain USA
Alexander Mackenzie 5 1st Lieutenant USA
Isaac W. Maclay 23 2nd Lieutenant USA
Charles B. Phillips 9 1st Lieutenant USA
Martin L. Poland 17 2nd Lieutenant USA
Amos Stickney 3 1st Lieutenant USA
William P. Vose 25 1st Lieutenant USA
C. Douglas Waterman 13 1st Lieutenant USA Died on parole Bordontown NY 9/28/64
Edward D. Wheeler 26 2nd Lieutenant USA

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