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The 143rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment lost 8 officers and 143 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 2 officers and 150 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.

It is honored by a monument at Gettysburg.

October 18 Organized at Wilkes-Barre under Colonel Edmund L. Dana.
November 7 Left State for Washington, D.C. and duty in the Washington Defenses attached to 1st Brigade, Defenses of Washington North of the Potomac
January 17 Ordered to Join 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 1st Army Corps, Army of the Potomac in the field
January – April Duty at Belle Plains, Va.
April 27-May 6

Chancellorsville Campaign

April 29-May 2 Operations at Pollock’s Mill Creek
May 2-5
Battle of Chancellorsville
June 11-July 24

Gettysburg Campaign

July 1-3
Battle of Gettysburg

The regiment was commanded by Colonel Edmund L. Dana, who took over the brigade during the fighting. Lieutenant Colonel John D. Musser then took command of the regiment.

The 143rd brought 515 men to the field, losing 21 killed, 141 wounded and 91 missing.

From the monument along Chambersburg Road:

This monument marks right of first position July 1, 1863, facing north and second position facing west, which the Regiment held from 11:30 a.m. until First Corps fell back. Last position on Seminary Ridge right resting on railroad cut.

July 2 and 3. Regiment was in line on left centre and on the 3rd assisted in repulsing the final charge of the enemy.

The monument shows Sergeant Ben Crippen shaking his fist at advancing Confederates. Crippen was killed bearing the flag, and his body not recovered during the retreat through the town on July 1st. He is assumed to be one of the “unknowns” in the National Cemetery.

July 5-24 Pursuit of Lee
August – October Duty at Bealeton Station
October 9-22 Bristoe Campaign
October 19 Haymarket
November 7-8 Advance to line of the Rappahannock
November 7 Warrenton
November 22-December 5 Guard at Manassas Junction
December Attached to 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 1st Army Corps
February 6-7 Demonstration on the Rapidan
February-May Duty near Culpeper
March Attached to 3rd Brigade, 4th Division, 5th Army Corps
May 4-June 12 Rapidan Campaign
May 5-7
Battle of the Wilderness
May 8 Laurel Hill
May 8-21
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
May 12 Assault on the Salient
May 23-26 North Anna River
May 25 Jericho Ford
May 26-28 On line of the Pamunkey
May 28-31 Totopotomoy
June 1-12
Cold Harbor
June 1-3 Bethesda Church
June Attached to 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Army Corps
June 16-18 First Assault on Petersburg
June 16 Siege of Petersburg
July 30 Mine Explosion (Reserve)
August 18-21 Weldon Railroad
September Attached to 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 5th Army Corps
October 27-28 Boydton Plank Road, Hatcher’s Run
December 7-12 Warren’s Raid to Weldon Railroad
February 5-7 Dabney’s Mills, Hatcher’s Run
February 10 Ordered to Hart’s Island, New York Harbor, Dept. of the East. Assigned to duty guarding prison camp and escorting recruits and convalescents to the front
June 12 Mustered out