Confederate Regiments & BatteriesGeorgia


May 15

Four companies of the 2nd Georgia Infantry Battalion were organized at Norfolk, Virginia. under the command of Major Thomas Hardeman, Jr. Two companies were from Macon and one each from Columbus and Griffin.

Company A, Columbus City Light Guard, Captain Peyton H. Colquitt
Company B, Macon Volunteers, Captain Robert A. Smith
Company C, Floyd Rifles, Captain George H. Ross
Company D, Spalding Greys, Captain Leonard Doyal

September Assigned to 2nd Brigade, Department of Norfolk
February Major Hardeman resigned to became colonel of the 45th Georgia Infantry Regiment. Captain George Ross of Compnay B was promoted to major.
March Returned from Virginia and assigned to J.G. Walker’s Brigade, Department of North Carolina.
March 24  Captain Robert A. Smith of Company B resigned to become colonel of the 44th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
May 18-19  Sewell’s Point
June 25-July 1  Seven Days Battles 
June 30  Malvern Cliff 
November Assigned to Cook’s Brigade, Ransom’s Division, 1st Corps, Army of Northern Virginia 
November Assigned to Wright’s Brigade, R.H. Anderson’s Division, 1st Corps, Army of Northern Virginia 
December 13
Battle of Fredericksburg
May 1-4
Battle of Chancellorsville

The battalion lost 2 men killed and 26 wounded.

May Assigned to Wright’s-Girardey’s-Sorrel’s Brigade, R.H. Anderson’s Division, 3rd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
July 1-3
Battle of Gettysburg

The battalion lost 78 casualties out of the 173 men engaged. Major George Ross was mortally wounded and captured. Captain Charles Moffat took command of the battalion. Captain George S. Jones was wounded.

From the monument to Wright’s Brigade at Gettysburg:

July 2. Formed line here in the forenoon. Advanced at 6 P. M. and dislodged Union troops posted near the Codori House capturing several guns and many prisoners. Pushing on broke the Union line at the stone wall south of the Angle and reached the crest of the ridge beyond capturing more guns. The supports on the right being repulsed and those on the left not coming up with both flanks assailed and converging columns threatening its rear it withdrew fighting its way out with heavy losses and unable to bring off the captured guns.

July 3. Advanced 600 yards to cover the retreat of Pickett’s Division. Afterward was moved to the right to meet a threatened attack.

July 4. In line here all day. At dark began the march to Hagerstown.

July 23
Battle of Manassas Gap
August 2 Major George Ross died of his Gettysburg wound. Captain Moffat was promoted to major.

Bristoe Campaign


Mine Run Campaign

May 5-6
Battle of the Wilderness
May 8-21
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
May 23-26
Battle of the North Anna
June 1-3 Battle of Cold Harbor
Siege of Petersburg
August 19 Reams’s Station
August 18-22
Weldon Railroad
February 5-7
Hatcher’s Run
April 6
Saylors Creek

Captain George S. Jones was wounded.

April 9
Appomattox Court House

The 2nd Georgia Infantry Battalion surrendered 8 officers and 74 enlisted men.