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July 1 Seven companies of the 41st Virginia Infantry Regiment were organized in Norfolk under the command of Colonel John R. Chambliss (West Point Class of 1853)

Company A – “Sussex Sharpshooters” – Sussex County, Captain Thomas J. Eppes
Company B – “Confederate Grays” – Chesterfield, Henrico, and Hanover Counties, and Richmond, Captain Benjamin H. Nash
Company C – “McRae Rifles” – Petersburg, Prince George, Dinwiddie, and Chesterfield Counties, Captain James S. Gilliam
Company D – “Rough and Ready Volunteers” – Clover Hill, Captain Asa R. Smith
Company E – “United Artillery Company” – Norfolk County, Captain Thomas Kevill
Company F – “Norfolk County Rifle Patriots” – Norfolk County, Captain William H. Etheridge
Company G – “Bilisoly Blues” – Norfolk County, Captain Charles R. McAlpine

Three additional companies were added in July and August to bring the regiment up to strength:
Company H –  Southampton County, Captain George E. Beaton
Company I – “Cypress Chapel Sharpshooters” – Nansemond County, Captain Robert B. Brinkley
Company K – “South Quay Guards” – Nansemond County, Captain Jonas W. Lawrence

Assigned to the Department of Norfolk.

April 9 Company E was detached to become the United Artillery Battery under Captain Thomas Kevill.
May 3 Captain Joseph P. Minetree was promoted to major.
May Assigned to Mahone’s Brigade of the Army of Northern Virginia.
June 25-July 1
Seven Days Battles

The regiment mustered 564 men.

July 1
Malvern Hill

The regiment lost 14 men killed, 51 wounded, and 20 missing. Lieutenant Colonel Parham was badly wounded and Major Minetree was wounded.

August 15 Major Minetree was promoted to lieutenant colonel.
September 17
Second Battle of Manassas (Bull Run)

The regiment lost 8 men killed and 34 wounded.

September 17
Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam)

The regiment was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Joseph P. Minetree while Colonel William A. Parham commanded Mahone’s Brigade as senior colonel. The regiment lost 9 casualties.

December 13
Battle of Fredericksburg
December 15 Encamped at Salem Church
January Ordered to the fords of the Rappahannock and Rapidan Rivers.
April 28 Ordered to fall back as Hooker crossed the Rappahannock. Placed in line of battle at Zoan Church on the Plank Road.
May 1-4
Battle of Chancellorsville

The regiment was commanded by Colonel William A. Parham.

May 30 The regiment, along with the rest of Anderson’s Division, was transferred to the newly-formed Third Army Corps under Lieutenant General A. P. Hill
July 1-3
Battle of Gettysburg

The 41st Virginia Infantry Regiment brought  276 men to the field and loss about 5% casualties. Mahone’s Brigade had the lowest casualty rate of any Confederate brigade at Gettysburg. It had been positioned to join Longstreet’s attack on the afternoon of July 2 but Mahone refused requests for support by Wright and Posey, claiming he had other orders. It was intended to support Early’s evening attack on Cemetery Hill but the attack failed before Mahone could join. And although fresh and unblooded the brigade was overlooked for Pickett’s charge on July 3 while far more seriously damaged brigades were included.

From the War Department marker for Mahone’s Brigade on the Gettysburg battlefield:

July 2. Arrived and took position here in the forenoon under orders to support the artillery. A strong skirmish line was sent out which was constantly engaged and did effective service.

July 3. Remained here in support of the artillery. Took no active part in the battle except by skirmishers.

July 4. In line here all day. At dark began the march to Hagerstown.

May 5-6
Battle of the Wildrness

Lieutenant Colonel Minetree was wounded.

May 12-21
Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
June 3
Battle of Cold Harbor
June 18 The regiment reached Petersburg and spent two days near Battery 33 on the Dimmock Line.
June 22-23 Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road
June 24 In trenches near the Wilcox farm south of Petersburg
July 30
Battle of The Crater

There is a monument to Mahone’s Brigade at the Crater on the Petersburg National Battlefield.

August 1 Assigned to Weisinger’s Brigade, Mahone’s Division, Third Corps, Army of the Potomac
August 18-21 Battle of Globe Tavern
August 25
Battle of Ream’s Station
October Colonel Parham never really recovered from his wound at Malvern Hill, and was forced to leave service in the field to become Provost Marshall at Richmond. Lieutenant Colonel Minetree had returned from convalescing from his Wilderness  wound and took command.
October 27
Battle of Boyden Plank Road
December Warren’s Raid
October Colonel Parham briefly returned to command but died shortly afterwards of complcations from his wound at Malvern Hill.
February 6
Battle of Hatcher’s Run

The regiment attacked near Dabney’s Stream Saw Mill.

Appomattox Campaign
April 9
Appomattox Court House

The 16th Virginia Infantry Regiment surrendered 10 officers and 99 enlisted men under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Minetree.