52 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1853
47 served in the Civil War

Class of 1853 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army.

Benjamin Allston 26 Colonel  
George Bell 14 Lt. Colonel USA Commissary staff
Matthew M. Blunt 8 Captain USA  
William Robertson Boggs 4 Brigadier General  
John Stevens Bowen 13 Brigadier General Died as prisoner after Vicksburg surrender, July 1863
Alexander Chambers 43 Brigadier General  
John Randolph Chambliss, Jr. 31 Colonel  
William Craig 52 CaptainUSA Quartermaster staff
William Price Craighill 2 Captain USA Corps of Engineers
Benjamin F. Chamberlin 27 Major  
John G. Chandler 21 Captain USA  
Henry Brevard Davidson 33 Brigadier General  
Richard C. Duryea 20 Colonel  
William McE. Dye 32 Colonel  
John H. Edson 28 Lieutenant Colonel  
Thomas Hight 9 Colonel  
John Bell Hood 44 Lieutenant General Commanded Army of Tennessee 7/64-1/65
Robert F. Hunter 46 First Lieutenant USA Cashiered for drunkeness Nov. 1861
Walworth Jenkins 23 Captain USA  
Edmund C. Jones 42 Captain USA Cashiered for drunkeness July 1862
Thomas M. Jones 47 Colonel  
Alfred E. Latimer 38 Captain USA  
La Rhett L. Livingston 19 Captain USA  
William W. Lowe 30 Colonel  
James McIntyre 49 Captain USA  
James Birdseye McPherson 1 Major General  
Elmer Otis 37 Major USA  
Louis H. Pelouze 17 Lt. Colonel  
Augustus Plummer 48 Captain USA  
Lucius L. Rich 50 Colonel Mortally wounded at Shiloh, died in Aug. 1862
Reuben Ross 51 Brigadier General  
John McAllister Schofield 7 Major General  
Philip Henry Sheridan 34 Major General  
Francis J. Shunk 5 Captain USA Ordnance staff
Joshua Woodrow Sill 3 Brigadier General Killed at Stones River, December 1862
Benjamin Franklin Smith 39 Colonel  
James Argyle Smith 45 Brigadier General  
William Sooy Smith 6 Brigadier General  
N. Bowman Sweitzer 24 Lieutenant Colonel  
Henry C. Symonds 12 Major USA  
William Rufus Terrill 16 Brigadier General Killed at Perryville, 1862
Robert Ogden Tyler 22 Brigadier General Commander,  Army of the Potomac Artillery Reserve
Thomas R. Vincent 11 Major USA  
Henry Harrison Walker 41 Brigadier General  
William A. Webb 35 Colonel died on duty Smithton, Mo., Dec. 1861
Thomas Wilson 29 Captain USA Commissary staff
James L. White 25 Major  


Cadets who did not serve in the Civil War

George R. Bissel 10 First Lieutenant Resigned 1856
James D. Burns 15 First Lieutenant Died on duty Baton Rouge, La., 1854
John L. Grattan 36 Second Lieutenant Killed in the Grattan Massacre near Ft. Laramie, 1853
Silas P. Higgins 40 First Lieutenant Died on duty Ft. Yuma, Cal. 1860
Owen F. Solomon 18 First Lieutenant Died on duty Ft. Laramie, Dakota Terr., 1859

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