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Commanded by:
Major General Franz Sigel (to January 10)
Brigadier General Julius H. Stahel (to January 19)
Brigadier General Carl Schurz

First Division

Brigadier General Julius Stahel (to 1/10)
Brigadier General Nathaniel C. McLean
First Brigade Colonel Leopold Von Gilsa (to 1/12)
Colonel George Von Amsberg
8th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Felix Prince Salm Salm
41st New York Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel Ernest Holmstedt
45th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel George Von Amsberg (^ 1/12)
54th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Eugene A. Kozlay
153rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles Glanz
Second Brigade Brigadier General Nathaniel McLean (to 1/10)
Colonel John C. Lee
17th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Colonel William H. Noble
25th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel William P. Richardson
55th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel John C. Lee (^ 1/10)
75th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Robert Constable (res. 1/12)
Lt. Colonel Robert Reily
107th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Seraphim Meyer
Division Artillery
2nd New York Independent Battery Captain Louis Shirmer
13th New York Independent Battery Captain Julius Dieckman
1st Ohio Artillery Battery K Lieutenant George B. Haskin

Second Division

Brigadier General Adolph Von Steinwehr
1st Brigade Colonel Adolf Bushbeck
29th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Clemens Soest
154th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Patrick Jones
27th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel William Moore
73rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel George A. Muhleck (res. 1/27)
Colonel William Moore
Second Brigade Colonel Colonel Orland Smith 
33rd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Alberto C. Maggi
134th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles R. Coster
136th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel James Wood
73rd Ohio Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel Richard Long
Division Artilley  
1st New York Artillery, Battery I Captain Michael Wiedrich
12th Ohio Battery to Army Provost Guard 

Third Division

Brigadier General Carl Schurz (^ 1/19)
Colonel Alexander Schimmelfennig
1st Brigade Colonel Alexander Schimmelfennig (^ 1/19)
Colonel Gotthilf Boury D’Ivernois
82nd Illinois Infantry Regiment Colonel Frederick Hecker
68th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Gotthilf Boury D’Ivernois (^ 1/19)
157th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Philip P. Brown, Jr.
61st Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Stephen J. McGroarty
74th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel John A. Hamm
Second Brigade Colonel Wladimir Krzyanowski
58th New York Infantry Regiment Captain Frederick Braun
119th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Elias Peissner
75th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Francis Mahler
26th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel William H. Jacobs
Division Artillery
1st Ohio Artillery, Battery I Captain Hubert Dilger
West Virginia Artillery, Battery C

Cavalry Brigade

Colonel Luigi Palma di Cesnola 
1st Connecticut Cavalry Battalion Major William S. Fish to Defenses Baltimore, 8 Corps
1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment Colonel Eugene Von Kilmansegge
4th New York Cavalry Regiment Maj Alfred W. Taylor
9th New York Cavalry Regiment Colonel John Beardsley
17th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment  Colonel Josiah H. Kellogg
6th Ohio Cavalry Regiment Colonel William R. Lloyd