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Commanded by
Brigadier General Carl Schurz (to 2/5)
Major General Franz Sigel (to 2/22)
Brigadier General A. Von Steinwehr

First Division Brigadier General Nathaniel C. McLean (to 2/5)
Brigadier General Julius Stahel 
1st Brigade Colonel George Van Arnsburg (to 2/2)
Colonel Leopold Von Gilsa
2nd Brigade Colonel J. C. Lee (to 2/5)
Brigadier General Nathaniel C. McLean
Second Division Brigadier General Adolph Von Steinwehr (^ 2/22)
Colonel Adolph Bushbeck
1st Brigade Colonel Adolph Bushbeck (^ 2/22)
Colonel Clemens Soest
2nd Brigade Colonel Orland Smith
Third Division Colonel Alexander Schimmelfennig (to 2/5)
Brigadier General Carl Schurz
1st Brigade Colonel Gottfried Bourry (to 2/22)
Colonel Alexander Schimmelfennig
2nd Brigade Colonel Wladimir Krzyanowski
Cavalry Brigade Colonel Luigi Palma di Cesnola 
1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment Colonel Eugene Von Kilmansegge to Defenses Upper Potomac, 8 Corps
4th New York Cavalry Regiment Maj Alfred W. Taylor to Cavalry Corps, 2 Div., 1 Brig.
9th New York Cavalry Regiment Colonel John Beardsley to Cavalry Corps, 1 Div., 1 Brig.
17th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment  Colonel Josiah H. Kellogg to Cavalry Corps, 2 Div., 2 Brig.
6th Ohio Cavalry Regiment Colonel William R. Lloyd to Cavalry Corps, 2 Div., 1 Brig.