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Commanded by
Major General John Sedgwick (to January 26)
Major General Oliver O. Howard

First Division Brigadier General Winfield S. Hancock (to 1/24)
Brigadier General Samuel K. Zook
1st Brigade Colonel G. Von Schack
2nd Brigade Colonel Patrick Kelly
3rd Brigade Colonel Samuel K. Zook (to 1/24)
Colonel R. P. Roberts
Second Division Brigadier General Oliver O. Howard (to 1/26)
Brigadier General J. T. Owen
1st Brigade Colonel T. G. Morehead (to 1/25)
Colonel F. D. Sewell
2nd Brigade Colonel J. T. Owen (to 1/26)
Colonel DeWitt C. Baxter
3rd Brigade Colonel John R. Brooke
Third Division Brigadier General Alfred Sully (to 1/10)
Major General William H. French
1st Brigade Colonel W. B. Robertson
2nd Brigade Colonel R. C. Johnson (to 1/24)
Colonel Dwight Morris
3rd Brigade Lt. Colonel J. W. Marshall (to 1/5)
Colonel J. D. Mc Gregor
Reserve Artillery
1st United States Artillery, Battery I Lieutenant Edmund Kirby
4th United States Artillery, Battery A Lieutenant Rufus King, Jr.