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“People’s Ellsworth Regiment”

The 44th New York Infantry Regiment had a total enrollment of 1,838.

According to the regimental history:

  • 4 officers and 188 enlisted men were killed in action or died of wounds.
  • 2 officers and 118 enlisted men died of disease.
  • 113 officers and men were captured in action.
  • 524 officers and men were wounded in action.
  • 139 men were promoted from the ranks to officers.
  • 15 men were known deserters.

The regiment is honored by the largest monument to a single regiment on the battlefield of Gettysburg.

August 8th –
October 21
The 44th New York Infantry Regiment was organized at Albany, New York. The regiment was raised as a tribute to Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, who was killed in the occupation of Alexandria, Virginia at the very beginning of the war. One man would be furnished from each town and ward in New York, to be unmarried, under 30, with some military experience, and taller than 5′ 8″.
August 30 Mustered in under the command of Colonel Stephen W. Stryker, Lieutenant Colonel James O. Rice and Major James McKnown
October 21 Moved to Washington, D.C. and attached to Butterfield’s Brigade, Fitz-John Porter’s Division, Army of the Potomac
January 2 Major McKnown was discharged and Captain Edward P. Chapin of Company A was promoted to major.
March Attached to Butterfield’s 3rd Brigade, Porter’s 1st Division, 3rd Corps, Army of the Potomac
March 10-15 Advance on Manassas, Virginia.
March 22-24

Peninsula Campaign

Moved to the Virginia Peninsula.

March 30 Reconnaissance to Big Bethel
April 5 Warwick Road
April 5-May 4

Siege of Yorktown

The regiment lost 1 killed and 2 enlisted men wounded

May 10 Reconnaissance up the Pamunkey
May 18 Attached to 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Corps as division is transferred to the Fifth Corps
May 24 New Bridge
May 27

Battle of Hanover Court House

The regiment lost 31 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, and 3 officers and 52 men wounded

May 27-29 Operations near Hanover Court House
June 25-July 1

Seven days before Richmond

June 26

Battle of Mechanicsville

June 27

Gaines’ Mill

The regiment lost 16 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, 4 officers and 27 enlisted men wounded, and 17 enlisted men missing.

June 30

White Oak Swamp and Turkey Bend

July 1

Malvern Hill

The regiment lost 21 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, 2 officers and 72 enlisted men wounded, and 6 enlisted men missing

July 4 Colonel Stryker was discharged. Major Edward P. Chapin was discharged and became colonel of the 116th New York Infantry.
July 14 Lieutenant Colonel James C. Rice was promoted to colonel.  Major Edward P. Chapin was promoted to lieutenant colonel. Captain Freeman Connor of Company D was promoted to major.
July-August At Harrison’s Landing. Lieutenant Colonel Chapin became colonel of the 116th New York Infantry. Major Connor was promoted to lieutenant colonel and Captain Edward Knox of Company D was promoted to major.
August 16-28 Movement to Fortress Monroe, then to Centreville.
August 28-
September 2

Pope’s Campaign in Northern Virginia

August 30

Second Battle of Bull Run (Manassas)

The regiment lost 16 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, 6 officers and 37 enlisted men wounded, and 12 enlisted men missing.

September 6-22

Maryland Campaign

September 16-17

Battle of Antietam

The regiment was in reserve and was not engaged.

September 19


The regiment lost 2 enlisted men wounded

September-October At Sharpsburg, Maryland.
October Two full companies were added, one of Albany State Normal School students and the other from Yates County.
October 30-November 19 Movement to Falmouth, Virginia.
December 12-15

Battle of Fredericksburg

The regiment lost 7 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded; Lieutenant Colonel Connor, 4 other officers and 32 enlisted men wounded; and 3 enlisted men missing

December 29-30 Expedition to Richards and Ellis Fords, Rappahannock River
January 20-24
“Mud March”
February-April At Falmouth
April 3 Lieutenant Colonel Connor was discharged for his wounds at Fredericksburg.
April 27-May 6

Chancellorsville Campaign

May 1-5

Battle of Chancellorsville

The regiment lost 1 enlisted man mortally wounded and 3 enlisted men wounded.

May 12 Lieutenant Colonel Connor was reinstated
MAy 24 Three years men and recruits from the mustered-out 14th New York Infantry transfered in.
June 17
June 21
Middleburg and Upperville
July 1-4

Battle of Gettysburg

The 44th New York Infantry Regiment was commanded by Colonel James C. Rice, who took over the brigade during the battle, leaving command of the regiment to Lieutenant Colonel Freeman Conner. The regiment brought 460 men to the field, losing 26 killed, 82 wounded and 3 missing.

From the monument on Little Round Top

The 44th N.Y. Infantry, Lieut. Colonel Freeman Conner commanding, held position about 100 feet in advance of this monument, designated by a marker, from about 3 p.m. July 2, to about 11 a.m. July 3, 1863. Number engaged 313.

Casualties. Killed, 2 officers, 24 enlisted men. Wounded, 5 officers (of whom one died), 75 enlisted men (of whom ten died). Total loss, 106.

At noon of July 3rd, was placed in reserve at the right of Little Round Top where it remained until close of the battle.

July 10 Three years men from the mustered-out 25th New York Infantry transfered in.
July 5-24 Pursuit of Lee
August Duty at Warrenton, Beverly Ford and Culpeper
August 23 Colonel Rice was promoted to brigadier general.
October 9-22

Bristoe Campaign

November 7-8 Advance to line of the Rappahannock
November 7

Rappahannock Station

The regment lost 3 enlisted men killed and 1 officer and 4 enlisted men wounded

November 26-December 2

Mine Run Campaign

December At Beverly Ford
May 3-June 15

Campaign from the Rapidan to the James

May 5-7

Battle of the Wilderness

The regiment lost 1 officer and 14 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 1 officer and 51 enlisted men wounded.

May 8

Laurel Hill

May 8-21

Spotsylvania Court House

The regiment lost 2 officers and 31 enisted men killed or mortally wounded and 3 officers and 45 enlisted men wounded from May 8 through 21. Lieutenant Colonel Connor and Major Knox were both wounded

May 12 Assault on the Salient
May 23-26

North Anna River

May 23

Jericho Ford

May 26-28 On line of the Pamunkey
May 28-31


The regimen tlost 1 enisted man killed and 2 officers and 7 enlisted men wounded from the North Anna to the Totopotomoy

June 1-12

Cold Harbor

The regiment lost 6 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 2 officers and 15 enlisted men wounded

June 1-3 Bethesda Church
June 16-18

Assault on Petersburg

The regiment lost 3 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 4 enlisted men wounded

June 16- October 11
Siege of Petersburg

The regiment lost 1 officer and 3 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 17 enlisted men wounded.

August 18-21 Six Mile House, Weldon Railroad
September 29-October 2
Poplar Springs Church, Peeble’s Farm

The regiment lost 3 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, 1 officer and 19 men wounded and 4 enlisted men missing

October 11 The 44th New York Infantry Regiment mustered out at Albany. A battalion of 266 recruits whose enlistments had not expired transferred to the 140th New York Infantry Regiment.