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“Union Coast Guard”

The 99th New York Infantry Regiment lost 2 officers and 37 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 3 officers and 161 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.

the regiment was organized at New York City under the authority of the War Department as the Naval Brigade. It was to be provided with gunboats to cruise along the Atlantic coast. Companies G, H, I and K were recruited primarily from Massachusetts, and Companies A – E also contained many men from that state.
May 14 Six companies were mustered into state service under Colonel William A. Bartlett, Lieutenant Colonel Harry D. Whitmore, and Major James Millward, Jr.
May 28 Edward T. Rawlings mustered in as major. The regiment left the state by the steamer Coatzacoalcos for Fortress Monroe, Virginia. Without uniforms, arms or equipment, they were not accepted into service by General Butler and were placed under guard in an open field.
June 5 After a confrontation with Colonel Bartlett, Major Burnett and 180 men returned to New York on the Coatzacoalcos.
June 11 90 more men returned to New York on the steamaer State of Georgia.
June 14 –
October 31
Eight companies mustered into United States Service for three years.
July 1 James Milward was mustered in as lieutenant.
July Attached to Viele’s Command, Norfolk, Va., 7th Corps, Department of Virginia
July 19
New Market Bridge

Major Rawlings was killed, Captain Edward Jenkins and Lieutenant Roswell Shurtleff were wounded and captured, and 3 enlisted men were wounded. Captain Gustave Helleday of Company B was promoted to major.

July 30 Fletcher’s Wharf, Pocomoco
July 31 Cherrystone Inlet
August 17 Major Burnett was discharged
August 21 The regiment was reorganized as Infantry under the command of Colonel David W. Wardop, Lieutenant Colonel Gustave B. Helleday and Major Richard Nixon. Assigned duty at Fortress Monroe.
August 28-29

Bombardment and capture of Forts Hatteras and Clarke

September 3 Lieutenant Colonel Whitmore was discharged
September 16 Beacon Island
September 30 Company I was organized
January Designated as the 99th New York Infantry Regiment
January 7-
February 8
Company B was detached on Steamers Southfield and Hunchback with Burnside’s Expedition to Roanoke Island, North Carolina.
February 8
Battle of Roanoke Island

Company B, operating detached from the regiment, lost 3 men killed or mortally wounded and 7 men wounded.

March 7 Company K was organized. Company D was serving on U.S.S. Congress
March 8-9
Newport News, Virginia.

Destruction of U.S.S. Congress and U.S.S. Cumberland in Hampton Roads

The regiment lost 10 men killed or mortally wounded, 15 men wounded and 7 men missing from Company D, serving on the Congress.

March 14

Battle of New Berne, North Carolina

Company B, serving detached from the regiment, lost 2 men killed, Lieutenant Thomas Hughes and 6 men were wounded, and Lieutenant Charles Tillotson and 9 men were captured

April 12-26

Siege of Fort Macon (Company B, detached)

May 10 Tranter’s Creek and occupation of Norfolk and Portsmouth
May At Camp Hamilton, Va.
June 28-July 4

Expedition from Fortress Monroe (Detachment)

June 30 Near Windsor Shade (Company I, detached on steamer C.P. Smith)
July 4

James River

Company I, detached on the steamer C.P. Smith lost 1 man killed and 6 men missing

August -October Duty by detachments at Fortress Monroe, Norfolk, Fort Wood and Sewell’s Point
August, 1862 – March, 1863 Company I detached on gunboats West End and Smith Briggs
August 19 Lieutenant Colonel Helleday died of typhoid fever at Norfolk
September 28 Major Richard Nixon promoted to lietenant colonel and Captain John Bates of Company H was promoted to major
October Duty at Norfolk and Suffolk, Virginia.
February Assigned to Terry’s Provisional Brigade, Division at Suffolk, Virginia, 7th Corps
April Assigned to Reserve Brigade, Gurney’s 3rd Division, 7th Corps
April 12-May 4

Siege of Suffolk

The regiment lost 22 men killed or mortally wounded, and Captains James Hart and John White, 2 other officers and 45 men wounded

April 17 South Quay Road
April 28-30


May 1 South Quay Bridge
May 3 Providence Church Road, Suffolk
May 15-28 Operations on Norfolk & Petersburg Railroad
May 17 Near Providence Church
May 23 Antioch Church and Parker’s Cross Roads
June 5 Walkerton
June 16


Captain James Hart was killed and 2 men wounded near Franklin, Virginia

June 24-July 7

Dix’s Peninsula Campaign

Attached to Wistar’s Brigade, Yorktown, Virginia, Department of Virginia and North Carolina

July 1-7 Expedition from White House to South Anna River
July 4

South Anna Bridge

The regiment lost 2 men wounded and 2 men missing

July Duty at White House, Yorktown and Gloucester
October Duty in the Defenses of New Berne, North Carolina, Department of Virginia and North Carolina
January 18-February 10 Operations about New Berne against Whiting
January 29-February 1 Expedition from Norfolk to Isle of Wight County (Detachment)
January 31 and February 1

Smithfield, North Carolina

Captain Frederick Rowe was wounded and captured and 42 enlisted men were captured

February 1-4 Action at New Berne
February 1

Action at Batchelor’s Creek

Captain David Bailey, Lieutenant James Fleming and 52 men captured

February 2

Action at Beech Grove

The regiment lost 3 men captured

June 14 Old members mustered out and retuerned to New York under Lieutenant Colonel Richard Nixon. Regiment consolidated to 4 Companies, A-D.
July 2 Lieutenant Colonel Richard Nixon was discharged and Major Bates was mustered out
September 15 The regiment consolidated to 3 Companies, A-C.
December 10 Colonel Wardrop was discharged
January Assigned to Sub-District of New Berne, North Carolina, Department of North Carolina
February Regiment consolidated to 2 Companies, A and B.
June 15 Men of the 132nd New York Infantry transferred in
July 15 The 99th New York Infantry mustered out at Salisbury, North Carolina under the command of Captain Ervin A. Jones