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August 9 The Independent (PA) Engineers Company C was organized and mustered into service at Camp Struthers, Philadelphia. The company was under the command of Captain Henry E. Wrigley, First Lieutenant Albert S. White and Second Lieutenant William Penn Gaskill. The company was made up of skilled carpenters, blacksmiths, and draftsmen. It was equipped with the appropriate tools and machinery for their work, carried by six army wagons. Each man also carried a short carbine at all times.
Mid-August Moved to Washington and reported to Brigadier General John G. Barnard, Chief Engineer of the Department of Washington. The Company was assigned to Whipple’s Command, Military District of Washington, which was responsible for fortifications on the Virginia shore of the Potomac River. The Company constructed six miles of defenses, from Chain Bridge to Fort Albany, near Alexandria. Pope’s army took refuge in these defenses after the Second Battle of Bull Run (Manassas), which effectively stopped Confederate cavalry pursuit.
Late September Moved to Harpers Ferry, rebuilding damaged and destroyed bridges on the Turnpike along the way. Ar Harpers Ferry the Company was tasked with rebuilding the suspension bridge across the Potomac and constructinge defensive positions on Maryland Heights.
November 2 Private John David died at Harpers Ferry.
November 28 Captain Henry Wrigly was transferred to the Corps of Topographical Engineers on November 28. First Lieutenant Albert S. White took command of the company.
December 13 Sergeant C. W. Hedenber died at Philadelphia.
December 16 First Lieutenant Albert S. White was promoted to Captain and Second Lieutenant William Penn Gaskill was promoted to First Lieutenant.
March Attached to 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 8th Army Corps, Middle Department
March 8 Private William Eswards died at Philadelphia.
March 29 Captain Albert S. White died of disease at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. First Lieutenant William Penn Gaskill was promoted to captain and Samuel C. Smith was promoted to First Lieutenant and Thomas Greist to Second Lieutenant.
June The company was assigned to the Department of West Virginia.

When Lee’s Second Invasion of the North reached the Harpers Ferry area on its way to Pennsylvania the Company assisted in destroying important bridges to hinder their advance and destroying government supplies to prevent them from falling into Confederate hands. The Company then moved to Washington and reported to the EngineerBrigade.

July 5 Captain William Penn Gaskill was discharged under a surgeon’s certificate. Captain George W. Durell took command of the company.
Mid-July The Company returned to Harpers Ferry after Lee’s army retreated to Virginiaa. They were tasked with the pontoon train of the Army of the Potomac.
For the rest of the war the Company was headquartered at Harpers Ferry. But detachments were sent off the be in charge of pontoon trains, often far away and for some time.

A detachment was sent to the Ohio River opposite Belleair to assist with the movement of the 11th & 12th Corps to the Western Theater in the fall of 1863.

Other detachments spent eight months at Fairmount, West Virginia and several weeks at Clarksburg, West Virginia.

March 4 Private Joseph T. Pratt was promoted to Captain, Company A, 32nd Regiment United States Colored Troops.
August 19 First Lieutenant Samuel Smith was promoted to Captain and First Sergeant John Weir was promoted to Second Lieutenant.
September 16 Private John A. McGuigan died at Frederick, Maryland.
September 23 Captain George W. Durell was mustered out at the end of his term of sevice.
October 20 Sergeant William McCluskey was promoted to Second Lieutenant and transferred to the United States Colored Troops.
October 27 Private Samuel Foster died at Harpers Ferry.
June 20 The Independent (PA) Engineers Company C was mustered out at Harpers Ferry under the command of Captain Samuel C. Smith.