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April Organized at Providence for three months’ service
April 18 Left State for Jersey City, N.J
April 19 Moved to Easton, Pa.
April 27 To Washington, D.C. for duty in the defenses of that city
May 2 Mustered into service.
June 9-15 Moved to Williamsport, Md. Attached to Hunter’s Division, McDowell’s Army of Northeast Virginia.
June 17-20 Return to Washington
July 9-13 March to Williamsport then to Martinsburg, Va. Attached to Thomes’ Brigade, Patterson’s Army.
July 15 March to Bunker Hill, Va.
July 17 Moved to Charlestown
July 22 To Harper’s Ferry
July 29-31 Moved to Sandy Hook, then to Providence, R. I.
August 2 Mustered out