42 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1840
25 served in the Civil War

Class of 1840 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army.

James N. Caldwell 25 Major USA
Reuben P. Campbell 27 Colonel Killed at Gaines’ Mill, Va., June 1862
Stephen D. Carpenter 35 Major USA Killed at Stone River, Tenn., Dec. 1862
Francis N. Clark 11 Major USA
Richard Stoddert Ewell 13 Lieutenant General Brother to Benjamin Ewell (USMA ’32)
John W.T. Gardiner 26 Major USA
George Washington Getty 15 Major General
William Gilham 5 Colonel
William Hays 18 Brigadier General
Paul Octave Hébert 1 Brigadier General
Bushrod Rust Johnson 23 Major General
Thomas Jordan 41 Brigadier General
Charles Peeble Kingsbury 2 Colonel
Pinckney Lugenbeel 28 Major USA
James Green Martin 14 Brigadier General
Robert P. Maclay 32 Brigadier General
John Porter McCown 10 Major General
John McNutt 3 Major USA Ordnance staff
Oliver L. Shepherd 33 Colonel USA
William Tecumseh Sherman 6 Major General
William Steele 31 Brigadier General
George Henry Thomas 12 Major General
Stewart Van Vliet 9 Brigadier General
Henry D. Wallen 34 Major USA
Henry Whiting 17 Colonel

Cadets who did not participate in the war

John D. Bacon 42 First Lieutenant Mortally wounded Churubusco, Mexico 1847
William H. Churchill 8 Captain Died on duty Point Isabel, Texas 1847
Horace B. Field 16 First Lieutenant Drowned in wreck of S.S. San Francisco, 1853
Joseh L. Folsom 36 Captain Died on leave 1855
Fowler Hamilton 19 Captain Died on duty near Ft. Mason, Texas 1851
Thaddeus Higgins 21 Second Lieutenant Killed in boiler explosion Off Texas, 1845
Charles H. Humber 24 Captain Died on duty, Ft. Smith Ark., 1858
Douglass S. Irwin 40 First Lieutenant Killed Battle of Monterey, Sept. 1846
William B. Johns 39 Captain USA Dropped 1861 for refusing to participate in the war.
William P. Jones 4 Second Lieutenant Killed in riding accident Ft. McHenry, Md. 1841
Job R.H. Lancaster 7 Second Lieutenant Killed by lightning on a scout, Fla., 1841
William Robertson 30 Resigned 1843
Daniel G. Rogers 38 First Lieutenant Died on duty Vera Cruz, Mexico 1848
Bryan P. Tilden 20 Resigned 1848, died 1859
William G. Torrey 37 AWOL 1844, died abroad 1847.
Henry Wardwell 29 Second Lieutenant Died on duty Ft. Dallas, Fla., 1841
Oscar F. Winship 22 Captain Died, Troy, N.Y. 1855

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