41 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1846
22 served in the Civil War

Class of 1845 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army.

George Pearce Andrews 15 Captain USA
Bernard Elliott Bee 33 Brigadier General Killed at First Manassas (Bull Run)
Josiah H. Carlisle 9 Captain USA
Henry B. Clitz 36 Lt. Colonel USA
John Wynn Davidson 27 Brigadier General
Gordon Granger 35 Major General
John Porter Hatch 17 Brigadier General Awarded Medal of Honor for South Mountain
James Morrison Hawes 29 Brigadier General
Louis Hébert 3 Brigadier General
Edward B. Hunt 2 Major USA Killed testing experimentlal weapon Oct. 1863
Thomas Gamble Pitcher 40 Brigadier General
Fitz John Porter 8 Major General
Richard C.W. Radford 31 Captain Colonel
Thomas G. Rhett 6 Major Brigadier General of S.C. state troops
David Allen Russell 38 Brigadier General Killed at the Third Battle of Winchester, or Opequon
Delos B. Sackett 32 Colonel USA
Edmund Kirby Smith 25 Major General
William Farrar Smith 4 Major General
Charles Pomeroy Stone 7 Brigadier General
Thomas John Wood 5 Major General
William Wood 37 Lt. Colonel USA
William Henry Chase Whiting 1 Major General

Cadets who did not serve in the Civil War

William T. Allen 23 Second Lieutenant Died of disease on duty Texas, 1845
Bezaleel W. Armstrong 22 Second Lieutenant Died on sick leave New Lisbon, Ohio 1849
Francis Collins 12 Resigned 1850
Henry Coppée 11 Resigned 1855
William L. Crittenden 41 Resigned 1849. Executed in Cuba 1851.
George Edwards 10 Resigned 1851
Patrick A. Farrelly 20 First Lieutenant Killed in riding accident on duty, Arkansas 1851
Joseph F. Farry 13 First Lieutenant Killed Molino Del Rey Sep. 1847
Newton C. Givens 30 Captain Died on sick leave, Texas, 1859
Abram B. Lincoln 21 First Lieutenant Died on sick leave Florida, 1852
Joseph McElvain 39 Second Lieutenant Killed on duty, accidentally shot self, N.M. 1847
Henry Merrill 19 Second Lieutenant Killed by accident at sea off Texas 1845
Thomas J. Montgomery 26 Captain Died on duty Ft. Steilacoom, Wash., 1854
William Rhea 34 Second Lieutenant Died on duty, Monterey, Mexico 1847
John A. Richey 18 Second Lieutenant Killed at Vilagran, Mexico 1847
James G.S. Snelling 24 Captain Died on duty Ohio, 1855
Louis D. Welch 14 First Lieutenant Died on sick leave 1848
James N. Ward 28 Captain Died on duty St. Anthony, Minn. 1858
Thomas B.J. Weld 16 First Lieutenant Died on duty Ft. Moultrie S.C. 1850

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