59 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1846
37 served in the Civil War

Class of 1846 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army.

John Adams 25 Brigadier General Killed at Franklin
Charles E. Blunt 3 Major USA
Edward Carlisle Boynton 12 Captain USA Adjutant & Quartermaster at West Point
John A. Brown 16 Lieutenant Colonel
Darius Nash Couch 13 Major General
Nelson H. Davis 49 Colonel USA
William Dutton 15 Colonel Died 1862
Delancy Floyd-Jones 45 Lt. Colonel USA
Birkett D. Fry Brigadier General dismissed
William Montgomery Gardner 55 Brigadier General
Alfred Gibbs 42 Brigadier General
Charles Champion Gilbert 21 Brigadier General Acting Major General not confirmed by the Senate.
George Henry Gordon 43 Major General
John Gray Foster 4 Major General
Thomas Jonathan Jackson 17 Lieutenant General Mortally wounded at Chancellorsville, May 1863, commanding 2nd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.
David Rumph Jones 41 Major General Died of heart disease 1863
Albert L. Magilton 18 Colonel
George Brinton McClellan 2 Major General
Dabney Herndon Maury 37 Major General
Samuel Bell Maxey 58 Major General
Frederick Myers 44 Major USA
James Oakes 34 Brigadier General
Innis Newton Palmer 38 Brigadier General
George Edward Pickett 59 Major General
Jesse Lee Reno 8 Major General Mortally wounded commanding 9th Corps, Army of the Potomac at South Mountain 1862
Richard Rush 26 Colonel
Truman Seymour 19 Major General
Marcus D.L. Simpson 22 Major USA Commissary officer
Matthew R. Stevenson 51 Captain USA Died on sick leave, Sackett’s Harbor, N.Y. January 1863
Charles Seaforth Stewart 1 Major USA Corps of Engineers
George Stoneman 33 Major General
Samuel Davis Sturgis 32 Major General
William Duncan Smith 35 Brigadier General Died of Yellow Fever, Charleston 1862
Parmenas T. Turnley 40 Captain Disabled and retired 1863
Joseph N.G. Whistler 47 Colonel
John D. Wilkins 46 Major USA
Cadmus Marcellus Wilcox 54 Major General

Class members who did not serve in the Civil War

Rufus Bacon 23 Committed suicide 1846
Francis T. Bryan 6 Resigned at outbreak of war
Archibald Botts 57 Died in Mexico 1847
Thomas F. Castor 28 Died on duty at Fort Tejon California 1855
Orren Chapman 29 Died on duty at Fort Buchanan, New Mexico 1859
George H. Derby 7 Died on sick leave 1861, a well-known humorist
Thomas Easley 48 Killed in the Mexican War 1847
Henry Astor Ehninger 27 Resigned 1849
George F. Evans 36 Died on sick leave, 1859
Edmund L. Hardcastle 5 Resigned from the Army 1856
Edmund Hayes 11 Died on duty at sea 1853
George S. Humphrets 52 Died at Carlisle Barracks Cavalry School, 1847
Thomas J. Lowe dismissed
Thomas R. McConnell 50 Resigned 1856. Died Mobile, Alabama April 1861.
Colville J. Minor 20 Died at Monterey during Mexican War
Samuel H. Raymond Died at West Point 1845
Alexander P. Rodgers 30 Killed in the Mexican War 1847
Edmund Russel 56 Killed in California in skirmish with indians
Henry B. Sears 14 Resigned 1849. Engineer in Liverpool during war
Hamilton Shields 24 Resigned 1854. Farmer in Vermont during war
James Stuart 39 Mortally wounded in Indian wars, Oregon, 1851
Oliver H. P. Taylor 31 Killed in Indian wars, Utah, 1858
William H. Tyler 52 Died on leave in in Virginia 1853
Thomas Wheedbee 10 Died on sick leave 1849
Clarendon J. L. Wilson 9 Died on duty New Mexico Territory 1853

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