41 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1860
All participated in the Civil War

Class of 1860 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army.

John Newman Andrews 33 Captain USA
Harold Borland 41 Major
Nicholas Bowen 4 Captain USA
Charles S. Bowman 29 Captain USA
John D. Burtwell 24 Colonel
Samuel T. Cushing 30 Captain
Theodore Edson 5 Captain USA
Sam Foster 17 Colonel
Wade Hampton Gibbs 28 Major
Robert Hall 32 Captain USA
Cornelius Hook 10 Captain USA Died of disease at Key West, June 1864
Edward R. Hopkins 15 Captain USA
Frank Huger 31 Colonel
William G. Jones 25 Colonel Killed at Chickamauga Sep. 1863
William Henry Jordan 35 Colonel
Josiah H. Kellogg 13 Colonel
John M. Kerr 19 unknown Died of disease Mar. 1862, Yadkinsville N.C.
Martin V.B. Lewis 26 First Lieutenant USA Died of disease, Winchester, Va. June 1862
David D. Lynn 16 Captain USA
Walter Macfarland 1 Lieutenant Colonel
William W. McCreery 11 Captain Killed carrying the colors at Gettysburg, July 3,1863
James P. Martin 23 Captain USA
Salem S. Marsh 27 Captain Killed Chancellorsville, May 1, 1863
Wesley Merritt 22 Major General
Lyman Mishler 37 First Lieutenant Killed at Valverde, N.M., June 1862
Alexander C.M. Pennington 18 Colonel
Horace Porter 3 Brigadier General Earned Medal of Honor at Chickamauga 1863
Albert M. Powell 20 Lieutenant Colonel
Stephen Dodson Ramseur 14 Major General Killed at Cedar Creek, Oct. 1864 – Monument
Alanson M. Randall 9 Colonel
Edward B.D. Riley 34 Lieutenant Colonel
Benjamin Sloan 7 Major
Alfred T. Smith 21 Colonel
John J. Sweet 36 First Lieutenant Killed at Gaines’ Mill, June 1862
John A. Tardy 2 Captain USA
George W. Vanderbilt 39 Captain USA
James Harrison Wilson 6 Major General Earned Medal of Honor at Malvern Hill 1862
John M. Wilson 12 Lieutenant Colonel
James Meech Warner 40 Brigadier General
James M. Whittemore 8 Captain USA

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