28 cadets graduated. This was the first class year since 1824 that no graduates served with the Confederacy.

Isaac Arnold 13 1st Lieutenant USA
William C. Bartlett 20 Lt. Colonel USV
Asa Bolles 17 2nd Lieutenant USA Died at Sacramento CA 4/21/63
George Burroughs 3 Captain USA
John H. Calef 22 1st Lieutenant USA
Clemens C. Chafe 8 1st Lieutenant USA
Clifton Comly 19 1st Lieutenant USA
John Egan 16 1st Lieutenant USA
J. James Frederick 27 First Lieutenant USA Killed near Cold Springs NY 8/4/64
George Gillespie 2 Captain USA
Frank B. Hamilton 12 1st Lieutenant USA
James Lancaster 15 1st Lieutenant USA
James H. Lord 26 Captain USA
Ranald Mackenzie 1 Brigadier General USV
Samuel M. Mansfield 6 Colonel USV
William A. Marye 11 1st Lieutenant USA
Samuel B. McIntire 23 1st Lieutenant USA
Tully McRae 14 1st Lieutenant USA
 Albert M. Murray 24 1st Lieutenant USA Died in Confederate prison 8/12/64
Jasper Myers 10 1st Lieutenant USA
James H. Rollins 25 1st Lieutenant USA
James A. Sanderson 18 2nd Lieutenant USA Mortally wounded Pleasant Hill, LA 4/10/64
Morris Schaff 9 1st Lieutenant USA
Jared A. Smith 5 Captain USA
Charles R. Suter 4 Captain USA
Charles N. Warner 28 1st Lieutenant USA
Henry C. Wharton 7 Lt. Colonel USV
J. Eveleth Wilson 21 First Lieutenant USA

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