34 cadets graduated

Julius Adams, Jr. 18 Captain USA Died Nov. 15, 1865 from disease and complications from a wound at Cold Harbor. Son of Julius Adams, attended USMA 1830-32
Joseph Audenried 17 Colonel USA
Lawrence S. Babbitt 15 Major USA  Ordnance
 Thomas C. Bradford 6 Captain USA  Ordnance
Charles H. Brightly 29 Captain USA  Mortally wounded May 5, 1864, the Wilderness
David H. Buell 10 Captain USA  Ordnance
Eugene Carter 30 Captain USA
Joseph B. Campbell 22 Captain USA
Alonzo Cushing 11 First Lieutenant USA Killed commanding Battery A, 4th United States Artillery at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863, Awarded Medal of Honor. Monument at Gettysburg.
George A. Custer 34 Major General USV Killed Little Big Horn, June 25, 1876
Clarence Derrick 4 Lieutenant Colonel
Justin E. Dimmick 26 1st Lieutenant USA Mortally wounded May 5, Chancellorsville
James P. Drouillard 27 Captain USA
Arthur H. Dutton 2 Colonel USV Mortally wounded Bermuda Hundred May 26, 1864
John Edie 14 Captain USA Ordnance
Leroy S. Elbert 28 Captain USA Died on Mississippi River en route to St. Louis Sept. 23, 1863
Joseph P. Farley 21 Lieutenant Colonel USA Ordnance
Samuel P. Ferris 31 Colonel USV
 Daniel W. Flagler 5  Lieutenant Colonel USA  Ordnance
Francis U. Farquar 2 Major USA  Corps of Engineers
William D. Fuller 25 Captain USA
Peter C. Haines 19 Lieutenant Colonel USA  Only Civil War officer to serve on active duty in World War I
William H. Harris 8 Captain USA Ordnance staff
Richard M. Hill 7 Major USA Ordnance staff
Stephen Lyford 11 Major USA Ordnance staff
Alfred Mordecai 9 Lieutenant Colonel USA Ordnance staff
Henry Noyes 23 Major USA
Patrick H. O’Rorke 1 Colonel USV Killed commanding the 140th New York Infantry on Little Round Top at Gettysburg
Francis H. Parker 20 Lieutenant Colonel USA Ordnance
Charles C. Parsons 13 Captain USA
Philip H. Remington 24 Captain USA
Frank A. Reynolds 33 Captain
Wright Rives 42 Captain USA
John L. Rodgers 11 Captain USA
George O. Watts 31  Colonel
George Woodruff 16 First Lieutenant USA Mortally Wounded commanding Battery I, 1st United States Artillery at Gettysburg July 3, 1863
Cadets who did not graduate but served in the war
James Dearing * Colonel Was ranked first in the class when he resigned just before graduation due to the secession of Virginia. Mortally Wounded at High Bridge.

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