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Commanded by:
Major General Carl Schurz (to April 2)
Major General Oliver O. Howard

First Division Brigadier General Nathaniel C. McLean (to 4/20)
Brigadier General Charles Devens
1st Brigade Colonel Leopold Von Gilsa
2nd Brigade Colonel J. C. Lee (to 4/20)
Brigadier General Nathaniel C. McLean
Second Division Colonel Adolph Bushbeck (to 4/12)
Brigadier General Adolph Von Steinwehr 

1st Brigade Colonel C. Soest (to 4/12)
Colonel Adolph Bushbeck
2nd Brigade Colonel Orland Smith (to 4/17)
Brigadier General Francis C. Barlow
Third Division Brigadier General Alexander Schimmelfennig (to 4/2)
Brigadier General Carl Schurz
1st Brigade Colonel G. Von Arnsburg (to 4/2)
Brigadier General Alexander Schimmelfenning 
2nd Brigade Colonel Wladimir Krzyanowski
Artillery   Lieutenant Colonel Louis Schirmer
2nd New York Independent Battery Captain Hermann Jahn
1st Ohio Artillery, Battery K Captain William L. Debeck
West Virginia Artillery, Battery C Captain Wallace Hill from 3 Div.