United States Army

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Commanded by Major General Robert C. Schenck

Second Separate Brigade Brevet Brigadier General William W. Morris
5th Delaware Infantry Regiment Colonel Stephen W. Downey mustered out 8/12
17th New York State Militia mustered out 8/13
18th New York State Militia mustered out 8/15
5th New York Heavy Artillery at Baltimore
8th New York Heavy Artillery Colonel Peter A. Porter
2nd United States Artillery, Battery I at Fort McHenry
Third Separate Brigade Colonel S. A. Graham discontinued 8/10
3rd Delaware Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel H. Jenkins to 2 Sep. Brig. (above)
3rd Maryland Potomac Home Brigade Colonel Stephen W. Downey at Monocacy Junction
Purnell Legion Infantry (MD) Colonel Samuel A. Graham at Fort Delaware
Loudon VA Rangers to Dept. WV, MD Heights, 2 Brig.
5th United States Artillery, Battery L to Washington, Camp Barry
Defences of Baltimore Brigadier General E. B. Tyler
1st Delaware Cavalry Regiment
3rd Maryland Cavalry Regiment Colonel Charles Carroll Tevis New Organization
Baltimore (MD) Battery
Maryland Junior Battery A
Maryland Junior Battery B
Purnell Legion Cavalry (Md) Co. B
84th New York State Militia Colonel Frederick A. Conkling mustered out 10/29
3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Co. H Captain William D. Rank
2nd Maryland Cavalry , 5 Cos.
District of Delaware Brigadier Genral Daniel Tyler
Ahl’s Delaware Heavy Artillery Co. new
Purnell Legion Cavalry (Md) Co. C from Separate Brig.
3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Co. M to Dept, VA & NC
Pennsylvania Independent Battery A At Fort Delaware
Pennsylvania Independent Battery G At Fort Delaware