United States Army

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7th Corps

Commanded by Major General John Dix

Fortress Monroe and Camp Hamilton
3rd New York Infantry Regiment
3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
2nd Wisconsin Battery
4th Wisconsin Battery
7th Massachusetts Independent Battery
Norfolk Brigadier General Egbert L. Viele
7th New York Independent Battery Captain Peter C. Regan
99th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel David W. Wardop
148th New York Infantry Regiment
173rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Daniel Nagle
19th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment
4th United States Artillery, Battery D
Division at Suffolk Brigadier General Michael Corcoran
Corcoran’s Brigade Brigadier General Michael Corcoran
Empire Brigade Brigadier General Francis B. Spinola
Ferry’s Brigade Brigadier General Otis S. Ferry
Foster’s Brigade Brigadier General Robert S. Foster
Gibbs’ Provisional Brigade Colonel Alfred Gibbs  created 12/5
Wessel’s Brigade Brigadier General Henry Wessels