19 cadets graduated. There was no class ranking until 1818.

2 cadets served in the Civil War

John James Abert Colonel Retired from active service Sep. 1861, died 1863
Gustavus Loomis Colonel USA Retired from active service June 1863


Cadets who did not serve in the Civil War

Richard H. Ashley Resigned 1819, died 1856
Marie V. Boisaubin First Lieutenant Died 1813 in capture of Ft. George, Upper Canada
Thomas J. Beall Captain Died 1832 at Ft. Armstrong, Il.
John Bliss Disbanded 1815, died 1822
Henry Burchstead First Lieutenant Killed 1813 in Alabama in Creek Indian campaign.
James D. Cobb Discharged by President 1814
James Dalliba Resigned 1824, died 1832
Benjamin Field Deserted 1811
Henry A. Hobart First Lieutenant Killed 1813, Capture of Ft. George, Upper Canada
Armstrong Irvine Captain Died 1817 at Ft. Warren, Ma.
Thomas Ketchum Disbanded 1815, died 1836
Ormond Marsh Disbanded 1815, died 1854
Adam Larrabee Disbanded 1815, died 1869
George Ronan Ensign Killed 1812 in Ft. Dearborn massacre 1812.
First West Point graduate to be killed in action
Ezra Smith Disbanded 1815, died 1867
Hippolite H. Villard Resigned 1816, died ?
Alexander J. Williams Captain Killed 1814 in Defense of Ft. Erie, Upper Canada

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