19 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1817
4 served in the Civil War.
There was no class ranking until 1818.

Class of 1817 members who served in the Civil War

Ethan Allen Hitchcock Major General USV
James D. Graham Colonel USA Corps of Engineers. Brother to William (below)
Richard B. Lee Colonel
Angus McDonald Colonel Died Jan. 1865 at Richmond, Va.

Cadets who did not serve in the Civil War

Isaac Adams First Lieutenant Died 1829 at Baton Rouge, La.
Henry Berryman Resigned 1833, died 1859
Charles Despinville Resigned March, died May 1830
Constant Eakin Resigned 1828
William M. Graham Lieutenant Colonel Killed at Molino del Rey, Mexico, 1847. Brother to James (above)
Frederick L. Griffith First Lieutenant Died 1832 on sick leave at Alexandria, D.C.
John C. Kirk Resigned 1823, died 1825
Edward J. Lambert Resigned 1823, died 1832
Ambrose Madison Resigned 1818, died ?
William Gibbs McNeill Resigned 1837, died 1853
John D. Orr Disbanded 1821, died 1822
Augustus L. Roufort Resigned 1841
James Spencer First Lieutenant Died 1829 at Bay of St. Louis, La.
John R. Vinton Captain Killed at Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1847
John M. Washington Major Drowned 1853 in S.S. San Francisco disaster

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