39 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1815
4 served in the Civil War.
There was no class ranking until 1818.

Class of 1815 members who served in the Civil War

Benjamin L.E. Bonneville Colonel USA Retired from active service 1861 due to disability
William H. Chase Colonel* *Florida State Troops
Samuel Cooper General Highest ranking Confederate officer
Thomas J. Leslie Major USA Paymaster staff
John Symington Colonel USA On sick leave 1862, retired 1863

Cadets who did not serve in the Civil War

Francis C. Berier Resigned 1818, died 1822
George Blaney Captain Died 1835 at Ft. Johnston, N.C.
Robert C. Brent Resogned 1823, died 1837
Alonzo Brewer Resigned 1816, killed in Argentina ?
Alexander F. Cochrane Disbanded 1821, died ?
George Cooper Resigned 1817, died 1825
William B. Davidson Captain Died in skimish at Indian Key, Fl., 1840
Charles Davies Resigned 1845
Henry Dulany Resigned 1825, died 1838
Peter Embury Resigned 1816, died 1855
William S. Eveleth Second Lieutenant Died 1818 in shipwreck on Lake Michigan
Robert M. Forsyth Dismissed 1818, died 1819
Aaron G. Gano Resigned 1817, died 1854
Thomas J. Gardner First Lieutenant Died 1822 at St. Augustine, Fl.
William F. Gordon Resigned 1815, died 1842
Henry W. Griswold Captain Died 1834 at Castle Pinckney, S.C.
John Hills Captain Died at Appalachicola Arsenal, Fl., 1835
Milo Johnson Resigned 1818, died ?
Thomas W. Lendrum Major Died 1852 at New York City
Henry Middleton Resigned 1816
James Monroe Rsigned 1832; nephew of the President
Robert W. Pooler Resigned 1818, died 1853
William F. Rigal Dropped 1818, died ?
James Simonson Dropped for disobediance 1833, died 1839
Robert J. Scott Resigned 1818, died 1834
John R. Sloo Resigned 1818, died 1837
Henry Smith Major Died 1847 at Vera Cruz, Mexico
James R. Stubbs Disbanded 1821, died 1832
George A. Washington Second Lieutenant Died 1817 at Alexandria, Va.
John Webber Resigned 1825, died 1855
Abraham Wendell Second Lieutenant Died 1817 at Albany, N.Y.
Richard M. White Rsigned 1820, died 1849
Simon Willard Resigned 1816
Wolvert E. Williams Dismissed for disobediance 1826
Michael Van De Venter Second Lieutenant Died 1821 at Sackett’s Harbor, N.Y.

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